Live Betting | Best Live Sports Betting Sites Online 2024

Live betting is an exciting form of sports betting that’s been around for a while. It literally lit up the online USA sportsbook scene. All our top America sportsbooks now offer a plethora of live betting online. The United States remains one of the biggest markets for any form of live betting.

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What Is Live Betting On Sports Online?

Live betting is sports betting on events and matches that are already in progress. This brings a new dynamic into the basic sports betting formula. In classic sports betting, players place their bets without knowing the outcome of the game. In live betting allows you to adjust your bets based on a team’s current performance. It can be at the start of a match, when someone scores, or just before the final whistle blows.

How Live Betting Works

how iconHow does live betting work? Once you log into your sportsbook account; visit the live betting section. You’ll see a list of all the in-play matches that you can bet on.

Now, this depends on the specific sport. In ice hockey, for example, you can place your bets on different NHL markets. You can bet on the outcome of the match. Which player will score the next goal, and how many goals a team will score.

At most sportsbooks, live bettors must wait until the match finishes. If the team wins you made a wager on, the sportsbooks credits your winnings immediately. However, the size of your wins depends on the odds the favorite or underdog came with.


Live Bet Types

Traditional Bets

You can place traditional bets in live betting if you want to. They are the most popular bets in live betting. To give you an example, let’s take a look at NFL traditional bets. The live NFL betting markets mirror traditional NFL betting markets.

Join an NFL match live and you’ll be able to bet on Match Result, Handicap Bets, and even Totals. Essentially, you can bet on which NFL team will win the match. Furthermore, who will win with a set points handicap, and how many points the teams score in the match.

Note, that Handicap Bets and Totals change their lines according to how the NFL match develops. If the underdog takes the lead; the handicap drops or it can even become negative. If a team scores quickly and the score is huge; the Totals will increase as well.


Parlay Bets

Some USA sportsbooks online offer live parlay bets. Bettors must combine matches that are in play at the same time. Let’s just say it’s slightly more complicated because you must combine a few matches.

If you want to do parlay bets live, it’s best to focus on the NFL. In the NFL, many matches start at the same time. Therefore, it’s easy to join live bets after a quarter finishes or when there’s a commercial break.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are becoming more common in live betting at the best USA sportsbooks online. These can be bets on who will score next, which team will reach a certain number of points early, etc.
Prop bets are easier to beat, a niche of their own. You can specialize in live prop bets if you want.

However, there are often bad lines, but there’s a small catch. The odds and markets can differ dramatically between USA sportsbooks. To that end, you need to have as many accounts as possible so that you can react quickly. Remember, quick decisions are everything in live betting. There’s no time to make a deposit in-between bets. The market might be over once the sportsbook credits the money to your account.


Odds work as per normal in live betting. Choose the odds format you like the most in the live betting interface. The reason why we say so is it allows you to make quick calculations. You can also click on a bet and enter the stake without confirming it.

The interface will show you the potential payout, no calculations needed. That can be very useful at the start or if you just can’t do quick calculations on the fly. This is something even professional live bettors do.

The Pros of Betting on Live Sports

What are the advantages of live betting? Unlike pre-match betting, it’s a dynamic sports betting discipline. You aren’t reacting to team news, for trends, or any of the like. You’re reacting to what’s happening in real-time.

Another pro of live betting is that it’s easier to beat. There are no market movers and the markets can’t stabilize over time. Therefore, the odds can’t become sharp like in normal markets. This gives bettors more opportunities to react and place more value bets.

Since value bets equal profitable bets, it’s easy to see why this is an advantage. The more value bets you place; the better your profits will be. Live betting offers more markets in many sports. In tennis you can bet on who’s going to win the next game or even the next point! Our instant withdrawal USA sportsbooks online cover a tremendous number of sports in live betting.

The Disadvantages of Live Betting

Does live betting have any disadvantages? It does, mainly in that it requires a different skill set. Also, some matches and sports aren’t available for betting at online sportsbooks.

Another live betting con is that it’s time intensive. With pre-match betting, you only analyse a match and place a bet. Then, you can walk away from the screen and return once the match is over. Check the result and move on.

With live betting, you need to be at the screen during the match. That’s so that you can react and place value bets whenever they show up. It’s hard to focus for that long and it’s not for everyone.

Also, live betting allows you to place more bets than regular sports betting. In other words, it’s easier to catch winning and losing streaks. Your bankroll can go up and down big time during a match. It’s easy to become tilted and place poor bets.

How to Be Profitable at Live Betting

Can you win money in live betting? Like in sports betting it is possible to win money in live betting. This is unlike casino games, which come with an inherent house edge.

The sportsbook always wins over the long haul. In sports betting, profitable bettors can find value bets that are mathematically in their favor. If you want to win in live betting, you need to keep finding these value bets. You have to find where the sportsbooks has the odds wrong or too big.

It’s like pre-match sports betting but with a twist. Ideally, you want to watch the match on your TV or on a live stream. You can then keep tabs on what’s happening and adapt your bets accordingly. Identify which team has the momentum and the better chance to score next.

Look at the odds; if they look like good, start betting. Comb through the markets and see what opportunities there are. The odds change all the time as the match develops. Since algorithms determine the odds there are always more opportunities than in pre-match betting. The algorithms are clever, but the stats and basic data points directs the outcome of each live sports betting.

If you can see the psychological and momentum angle; the rewards can be massive. There are no market movers in the same sense as in pre-match betting. The odds rarely react to players placing bets; sharp bettors have a big advantage.

How to Capitalize on Bad Lines

We’ve already said that lines change as the match develops live. This changes handicaps, totals, and so on. Most live bettors go with the flow – they think that what happens early will become a trend to continue.

That works out sometimes, but there’s more value in exploiting bad lines the other way. You see, just because someone scores early doesn’t mean that you have to throw your Under prediction out. Instead, it might be a good idea to back it again at a higher Total line.

It’s not a silver bullet by any means, but the algorithms often move the lines too much in one direction. See if the fundamentals have changed or if it’s just an over-reaction. Don’t hesitate to go against the norm, especially if the odds are good.

If you want to be even more professional, build your trend database for your favorite live betting sport. If you do the hard work, you’ll be able to spot over-reactions quickly. This is where it comes in handy; algorithms automatically determine the lines. Moreover, sports betting sites seldom adjust them manually.

Final Word

Live betting is an exciting sports betting experience that you can enjoy at the best sportsbooks online. It can be very profitable and it’s generally easier to beat than regular sports betting