10 Blackjack Facts That Will Surprise Gamblers

28 June 2022 3 minutes to read
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As avid real money casino blackjack players, we stumbled upon an interesting article the other day.

We thought we knew a bit about playing blackjack at the best online casinos for real money. But, so you learn. We’d like to share the “10 Blackjack facts that will surprise US gamblers” with you.

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Celebrate National Blackjack Day

There is a day for everything in the life of a gambler, not so? So much so that Americans celebrate National Blackjack Day on March 2.

The day celebrates the traditional 3:2 return when the dealer deals a player a natural blackjack. Moreover, we’d like to share some fun blackjack facts with you.

Although Americans play blackjack at online casinos and in land casinos. Many gamblers still don’t know the finer nuances of blackjack.

Fun Facts About Blackjack You Didn’t Know

There’s no doubt that blackjack is one of the favorite casino games of all time. American online casino players will find these facts about blackjack interesting.

1. French Name Vingt-Et-Un

Many US players don’t know it but blackjack derives its name from the French name “vingt-et-un”, which means 21. Back in the day if a player landed a blackjack the casino would pay 10 to 1.

2. The Peeper

Blackjack dealers in land casinos use “The Peeper“. It’s a small mirror that enables the dealer to check their hole card without showing it to the player.

3. The Shoe

The card dispenser in blackjack is the shoe. Now, the reason why they call it the shoe is it looks like the high-heel of a woman’s shoe.

4. Who is the Father of Card Counting?

Many casinos are not fans of the father of card count a chap by the name of Edward Thorpe. He published the book “How to Beat the Dealer”.

The book outlines the mathematical aspects of blackjack and the methods blackjack players can use to beat the casino.

Best Real Money Blackjack Online Casino for Americans

We list the best blackjack USA online casinos for American gamblers. Blackjack players qualify for bonuses, perks, cashback, and VIP rewards programs.

In addition, US casino gamblers can withdraw blackjack winnings instantly through Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

We urge US players that accept a bonus to play blackjack to read the terms and conditions of the bonus. Common bonus terms include the wagering requirements and the game weighting.

Blackjack usually counts between 5% to 20% of the bonus. Depending on the American online casino.

RankBlackjack CasinoBonusPerksInstant Cash Outs
1.Wild Casino100% up to $5,000YesBTC, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum

5. Snappers

Another name for a natural blackjack is the word “snapper”. If you don’t know what a natural blackjack is it’s an ace and a face card.

When players received a face card they used to snap down their cards. Furthermore, that’s how the word snapper saw the light of day.

6. Ben Affleck Counting Cards

Due to his card counting skills; the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas banned Hollywood actor Ben Affleck because of card counting. He started winning too much money, as a result, the casino gave him the boot.

7. Blackjack Hall of Fame

The Barona Casino in San Diego serves as the Blackjack Hall of Fame. When they induct players into the Hall of Fame; they get free rooms, food, and drinks for life at the casino.

There is a small catch though. The blackjack Hall of Famers cannot play blackjack for real money at the casino.

8. What’s The Real Objective of Blackjack?

The real objective in blackjack is not to get 21, but to beat the dealer. However, it does help if you get as close as possible to 21, or even better 21.

9. National Blackjack Day Project

The National Blackjack Day is an actual project. A few Vegas bloggers decided to start it because they wanted to celebrate their favorite casino game of all time.

Best of all, they wanted to bring the declining 3:2 blackjack at Vegas casinos to the attention of gamblers. Players interested in supporting the bloggers can use the hashtag # blackjackday on March 2.

10. Why the 2nd of March?

Concerned blackjack players want to shine a spotlight on the declining 3:2 blackjack tables at the Las Vegas casinos. With that in mind, it makes sense to celebrate it on the 2 of March.

Final Word

Now that you know what National Blackjack Day is all about. We suggest you mark the 2nd of March on your calendar. Above all, don’t forget to play blackjack at your favorite online casino in the United States.

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