Are Sign Up Bonuses Always a Good Idea?

16 February 2021 4 minutes to read
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Sign up bonuses are the flagship promotions of all USA online casinos. They offer big boosts on your very first deposit at the online casino. Where possible we encourage you to accept them. They are great deals no matter how you look at it. The question is, is the casino’s bonus always a good idea? Hang with us to find out whether or not the deposit bonus is a good idea or not.

What Are Sign Up Bonuses?

Deposit bonuses boost your casino budget on your first deposit. It’s en excellent bonus to play slots for real money at online casinos. It works like this. Once you make your first deposit, the casino awards you a cash bonus you can play with. You can use it for whichever online casino games you like and bet as much as you want per round. It’s free money and you only need to make sure that you’ll get it.

That means that you have to check that your deposit will qualify. For example, casinos online exclude sign up bonuses from certain banking options. Furthermore, many USA online casinos require you to enter the right promo code when depositing. If you don’t enter it, you’ll have to deposit again with it in order to get the sign up bonus. Contact the casino beforehand, and ask them how to apply the casino’s bonus code.

The Pitfalls Sign Up Bonuses

If you can take advantage of a sign up bonus with no strings attached, you’d be well off. It’s not quite as simple as that, though. You won’t be able to withdraw your bonus money until you complete the wagering requirements.

The basic idea is that you have to make a lot of bets at online casino games. It’s usually 30 times your deposit and bonus money put together. Online slots then contribute fully, while some classic casino games can contribute only half your stake or nothing at all.

Understand The Fine Print

That’s to prevent players from playing games like blackjack. You can get a low house edge and you can get through the requirements quite easy. That’s the last thing online casinos want because they’ll lose out on the deal. Hence the reason why games like blackjack, and video poker only contribute 5-10% of the play-through.

They favor the player and not the house. For example, if you give an expert blackjack player a bonus, and he uses optimal betting strategy. Not only does he reduce the house advantage to less than 1%, but he’ll take the casino to the cleaners. More importantly, casinos don’t want that!

That’s a big pitfall and it comes with a few strings. Bonuses have a time limit in which you have to fulfill the requirements. If you don’t, the USA online casino can cancel your bonus money. The time limit can be a few days up to 30 days. Strictly speaking, our best casinos in the U.S give players ample time to complete the play-through at their own leisure.

If you enjoy playing with a small bankroll the sign on bonus is almost perfect. Sign up bonuses come with minimums, typically $20 or so. If you deposit less than that, you won’t get any bonus money.

Why Sign Up Bonuses Aren’t Always a Good Idea

With the aforementioned issues in mind. It’s easy to see why sign up bonuses aren’t always a good idea. For online casino veterans, they are an easy way of getting extra money. For newcomers and casual players, they might be bad deals if handled poorly.

When you start out, it’s hard to say how much time you’ll have. It might also be hard to say how much money you’ll want to play with. Sign up bonuses want you to put down as much money as you can. Casinos tempt players with thousands of dollars in ‘free cash’ along with a huge percentage.

That’s why it’s easy for a new player to fall into this trap. Another problem is that many players bite off more than they can chew. When they see the size of the bonus the casino advertises, they jump in boots and all. It’s only after a few slots sessions they suddenly realize; dang the bonus wagering is tough! As such they can lose a prodigious amount of money. By then it’s already too late despite their best efforts to clear the WR.

Don’t Be Greedy!

That doesn’t apply to newcomers either. Even expert in online casino gamblers make bonus mistakes from time to time. Perhaps you won’t be able to play every day for some reason. Perhaps you won’t be comfortable with risking a lot of money. The time limits can then come in and make it impossible for you to complete the wagering requirements. You’ll probably try and end up losing way more than expected under all the pressure.

The bottom line is if you’re in doubt about a bonus it’s best to rather leave it. Remember, there will always be a USA online casino with a sign up bonus around. You can take a sign up bonus at any point, there’s no rush nor pressure. Since a casino’s is entirely optional.

If you’re one of those real money slots players that likes to play at your own pace. Maybe a bonus is not for you. Moreover, each bonus has a wagering requirement you must fulfill in time.

Only accept the casino’s bonus once you understand the fine print, otherwise take a berth. We’re not encouraging you not to accept a bonus. It’s just that it causes players and the casino unnecessarily problems. In layman’s terms; players blame the casino if the casino’s cancels their bonus wins. While the problem is solely theirs.

Final Word

Sign up bonuses can be the most attractive perk casinos offer to players. It gives your bankroll a boost of thousands of dollars in free cash.

If you’re new and don’t want to play much; it’s better to stay away from sign up bonuses at first. You can always get one later, after you get to know how everything works. You’ll be in a better position to ascertain whether a bonus is advantageous to you or not.

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