Blackjack vs Poker – Which Casino Game is the Best?

29 November 2022 < 1 minute to read
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Blackjack vs poker are popular casino games at online casinos. The staff at OC2 had an interesting discussion the other day when we discussed which casino game is the best.

Which is the most fun to play? Which one has the best odds? And which casino game has the most potential when you play it for real money.

Ultimately, it all boils down to player preference. Now, to see which game walks away with the spoils. We had a look at their benefits and cons.

Anyway, it does not matter which game you choose. Both games are fun to play and quite generous in their own right.

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Interesting Facts About Blackjack

Before you play blackjack online for real money you must know the following facts about it.

Americans love to play blackjack and smart blackjack players can reduce the house edge to lower than 1%. In fact, blackjack is one of only few casino games where the player can beat the house consistently.

However, if you don’t know how to play blackjack it can be a bankroll killer. Players can even the odds by counting cards or using a betting system. We prefer the former because the latter option is very risky.

If you want to play poker at online casinos for real money, check out the game’s pros and cons first.

Pros & Cons of Playing Poker Online

  • The top poker players win millions of dollars
  • You don't play against the casino but against other players
  • Different varieties of poker to suit your style of play and pocket
  • Need some form of skill to be good at poker
  • Can calculate the mathematical odds of a hand
  • The house takes a rake in tournament fees and cash games

What Are the Pros & Cons of Blackjack?

  • Mathematical odds give the player the edge
  • Different variants of blackjack
  • Smart players can reduce the HE to less than 1%
  • Can use a blackjack cheat sheet
  • The house always wins over the long run
  • Land casinos use a continuous shuffle
  • The house can be brutal at times

Best Online Casino to Play Blackjack

Wild Casino is in our option the best online casino to play blackjack. The site welcomes new blackjack players with a deposit bonus of 100% up to $5,000.

Moreover, it has two live dealer casinos where Americans can play live dealer blackjack against real croupiers.

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Important Facts About Poker

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In one way or other people have been playing some form of poker for more than 500 years. The game forms such a part of Western culture many poker-related phrases no belong to everyday language.

Although there are plenty of poker variants the one and only poker variant is Texas Hold’em. Televised poker tournaments have put the game on the map.

Besides, poker is one of the top social games with more professional players than any other game.

Online casinos such as Planet Poker have become multimillion dollar businesses attracting many players. Poker tournaments allow players to pay fees to participate with the option of winning millions.

Blackjack vs Poker – Which Game Has Better Odds?

Both games throw up interesting and unique features. For example, it boils down skill. If you’re good at playing blackjack, you can reduce the house edge mathematically.

Whilst in poker you play against other players, factors such as bluffing, and experience come into play. Expert card counters can swing the odds their way. Even if you know the odds of each hand appearing in poker it won’t help you to win,

Verdict: Blackjack vs. Poker

If you want to win more money, we suggest you play poker. But your odds of becoming a successful poker are quite slim. Especially if you’re up against poker pros such as Phil Ivy and Daniel Negreanu.

They win millions in poker every year not to mention their endorsements. So, the bottom line is this, if you’re not good at playing poker, rather play blackjack.

Blackjack is a straightforward casino game and there aren’t as many variables like in poker. To be good at poker you must know when to bluff, when to go all out or when to fold.

Play Blackjack and Poker for Real Money

Even though poker is an easy game to learn it takes a lifetime to become a top player. Most poker players never make the big time.

Then there’s blackjack with its mathematical odds and simplicity. Instead of sparring against other players, it’s just you and the dealer. Moreover, if you’re not sure about a hand, you can always ask the dealer to help you out.

Blackjack and poker are superb games, and they offer excellent winning potential. It does not matter which game you play. We strongly encourage you to play them at our best online casinos for Americans.

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