Online Casinos with Online Sportsbooks, Are They Worth It?

12 October 2021 4 minutes to read
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There are plenty of great USA online casinos on the market these days. Despite all that, there’s one topic that isn’t getting as much attention as it should. It’s the talk of online sportsbook services that many of these USA online casinos have.

Are these services good enough and are they worth it? Or should you prefer top online US sportsbooks instead? Some of them have underwhelming online casino sections. In other words, online casino fans won’t find the best deals at them.


Pros of USA Online Casinos with Online Sportsbooks

The number one pro of using USA online casinos with online sportsbooks is the convenience factor. In other words, you can play without having to move your money from one place to another. Everything goes into a single account. Moreover, you can use your money for both real money casino games and sports betting.

Staying in a single place means you have one less account to worry about. You don’t have to have two websites, two mobile apps, and two banking channels. Or even two passwords to remember, as is the recommended practice. You can always jump back and forth within a few clicks or a couple of seconds. It’s always all at your fingertips, no worries.

This also means you don’t have to research the USA online sportsbook market. It’s not huge, but doing research is basically never fun, now is it? By staying at one operator, you can just leave all those worries behind. It’s the banking where it’s the most effective.

Let’s say you want to withdraw all your money. If you have it all in one place, that means one fee, one KYC check, one everything. Suffice to say that this can make quite the difference over the long term!


Cons of USA Online Casinos with Online Sportsbooks

For cons, sports betting services can be below-par at times. US sportsbooks online source out their services. To make things clear, that doesn’t mean they aren’t competitive. Online sports betting sites don’t necessarily offer you the best professional sports to bet on.

The other minus is that the range of markets is smaller. Prop bets are not always available, for one, as well as betting on less popular sports. This can include even e-sports betting and horse racing betting. Those are two popular disciplines, so missing out on them isn’t great.

Betting limits are slightly lower and online sportsbooks might even reduce their odds. That’s if you hit a lucky patch and start winning quickly. It’s never easy to stay in a single place if you’re a winning player. Though it is easy when you play at dedicated USA online sportsbooks! Some of them limit players only very rarely!


What’s the Best Choice?

So, are USA online casinos with sportsbooks worth it? Yes, they are. If you are a casual sports fan that places small bets on the sharpest lines. If you want to be professional or semi-professional, play only at the top USA online sportsbooks instead. Those have the best odds, the highest betting limits, and also won’t limit you if you win all that quickly.

If you are a casual sports betting fan, feel free to combine the two activities in one sportsbook US online. It will save you some time and nerves, which is worth it overall. Also, you won’t have to move your cash from one place to another.

It’s easy to use the money you win on sports bets on real money casino games. Or vice versa, you can risk the money you win online slots on sports bets of your choice. This is a good pay-off for most players, that’s the bottom line.


What About USA Online Sportsbook with Online Casinos?

Some of the best USA online sportsbooks have ‘Casinos‘ of their own. In short, the situation is the other way around there. That means there are better sportsbook services than online casino services. So, not ideal for online casino fans that prefer that side of their online gambling.

The number of cons can be quite worrying, in fact. For one, the number of real money casino games err on the low side at the top USA online sportsbooks. They are typically getting online slots from only a handful of studios. That means some of them don’t have the best RTG slots or the top Betsoft slots like 7 Fortune Frenzy.

Those are the best US-friendly games on the market. In other words, you don’t want to miss out on them if at all possible. It’s easier to pick the right USA online sportsbook than it is to pick a legit USA online casino. That’s because there’s only a handful of top USA online sportsbooks on the market. That makes it easy to cross them off your list. Moreover, some sport betting sites don’t offer Bitcoin for example!


Final Word

As you can see, there are plenty of pitfalls that you might face when choosing your favorite USA online casino. If you want to wager on sports. The top USA online casinos don’t play second fiddle as far as their sports betting services go.

Perhaps not among the best, but definitely competitive. They’ll give you the best idea of where to start and what to look for. You’ll also get licensing info. And, which real money casino games you can play, what the bonuses are and so forth.

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