How to Bluff Playing Poker

23 November 2022 < 1 minute to read
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How to bluff playing poker involves a player with poor cards betting he possesses a strong hand. He aims to cause all opponents to fold.

Successfully achieving this is undoubtedly one of poker’s most thrilling and rewarding features. Deceiving one’s opponents is integral to success when playing certain variants of this game.

However, there is an art to bluffing. Bluffing depends on the nature of the variant, stakes involved, and the quality of players at the table.

This article, tells you exactly how to bluff when you play poker for real money. Whether it’s online or at a land casino.

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Bluff Playing Poker Index

    How to Play Poker at Online Casinos

    Step 01

    online casino icon
    Pick an Online Casino

    If you’re not sure which online casino to play poker for real money where you can bluff at. Pick any of our recommended online casinos.

    Their games are fair which means you’ll always get a good shake.

    Step 02

    sign up icon
    Sign Up

    Go to the poker casino’s website and click on “Join Now” or “Sign Up”. Complete the registration form by inputting your name, surname, date of birth, email, and phone number.

    Step 03

    cashier icon
    Go to the Cashier

    Now that your account is up and running and you clicked on the confirmation email.

    Visit the banking section and choose a deposit method. Preferably one that you can withdraw your money with too. Gamblers from the United States can use Bitcoin for fast deposits and payouts.

    Step 04

    deposit icon
    Make a Deposit

    Copy the poker online casino’s wallet address and transfer Bitcoin from your wallet to the site. Make sure it’s the correct address, it’s that funny-looking long number.

    Step 05

    poker cards icon
    Play Poker Online

    The best way to play poker online for real money is to visit a live dealer casino. Sites with excellent live online casinos where you can play live poker are Wild Casino and Super Slots.

    Besides, they clear payouts of up to $100,000 within minutes. Some sites offer you a poker bonus make sure you check the terms and conditions.

    Step 06

    verify icon
    Complete the Verification or KYC Process

    We’re not putting the cart before the horse here. The mistake many poker players make is that they verify their accounts when they want to withdraw their money.

    Don’t do that. The moment you’ve signed up, email the online casino a copy of your passport, utility bill, and bank statement. Verification is far easier if you use a cryptocurrency.

    Step 07

    withdraw icon
    Withdraw Your Money

    By now your casino’s account should be verified. Visit the casino’s Cashier, click on withdraw, and the amount you want to cash out.

    Which Poker Variant Is the Best to Bluff?

    poker icon


    On the other hand, no-limit poker brings more bluffing opportunities. Here, players bet substantial sums that create genuine concern in the minds of other players.

    For instance, it is difficult to execute many bluffs in low-stakes and fixed-limit games. The cost of calling any bet is rarely enough to force anyone to fold.

    It’s particularly true when the pot is large relative to the size of the stakes. The opponents may hold good but not unbeatable cards.

    The key to the success of any bluff lies in identifying the right moment. But first, you must bet against an opponent who understands your message.

    After all, you want to win money when you bluff at playing poker.

    doubt icon

    Sow Seeds Of Doubt

    There are two essential benefits that will help you when you bluff playing poker. A successful bluff converts a weak hand into a winner. The bluffer wins the pot unexpectedly by representing sufficient, albeit non-existent, strength.

    Obviously, this will not happen every time a player bluffs. But, losing a pot when having a bluff offers positive long-term benefits.

    Yes, other players will see the weakness of your hand. However, it does not reveal your weakness as a poker player. Once a player knows how to bluff, doubts surface in the mind of each opponent.

    They then think twice about the meaning behind any subsequent bet from the known bluffer. The second reason for bluffing is to enhance the likelihood of opponents contributing chips to a pot.

    Opponents may have little or no chance of winning said pot simply because they wrongly suspect another bluff from you.

    Timing Is Everything

    Most poker variations involve several exposed cards. This creates many viable bluffing poker scenarios and opportunities.

    Generate subtle inferences regarding your hand that are clearly recognizable to opponents. However, successfully pulling it off requires a good sense of timing.

    The illustration below shows two players facing off for the pot.

    poker two hands bluffing

    • Player A holds the Queen and Ace of Diamonds.
    • Player D holds two a pair of 5’s.
    • The first two community cards are Ace of Clubs and Jack of Clubs.
    • As the flop reveals a 7 of Hearts, Player A bets on his Ace pair.
    • Player D calls with an inferior hand whilst both realize there’s a possibility for a Club Flush draw.
    • If the turn card brings another Club card, and Player D plays strong, then Player A might fold.
    • Should the flush card be a Queen of Clubs, Player A sits steady with two high pairs (Ace and Queen).
    • But, when Player D raises immediately, there’s clear inference the Flush is in the bag.
    • Player A might hold firm hope for another Ace or Queen river card for a Full House.
    • Player D does not need to possess the Flush in this situation to stand a chance of taking the pot.
    • Since he represented a Flush with a bluff at the right time, his one pair is enough for a win.

    Players who bet knowing that their hand cannot win make ‘naked bluffs’. This is a situation where the bluffer does not even hold a pair; thus, a ‘naked’ hand.

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    Verdict: How to Bluff Playing Poker

    verdict iconHopefully, this article will help you to be better at bluffing next time you play poker. Successful poker players make it their business not to chase their hands.

    In other words, they don’t want to hit the river card when they’re sitting with a shoddy hand. Unless they’re experts at bluffing. We wish you the best of luck in and out of the casinos.

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