How to Play High Volatility Online Slots

16 February 2021 4 minutes to read
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Online slots are the rage these days because they offer a slew of treats. They’re fun to play, not to mention their captivating themes. If you want to divide them according to volatility, you can get low volatility slots and high volatility slots.

What Are High Volatility Online Slots

High volatility online slots are slot games that don’t pay often. They have tough mathematical models that will give you a hard time no matter what. Now, there is a valid reason for this. They offer tens if not millions of dollars on a single spin. While low volatility slots pay out once per two or three spins on average, high volatility slots are different altogether. You can receive a winning spin for every 10 spins you make, maybe less.

That makes them hard to deal with on many levels, but many are popular nevertheless. The best USA online casinos have plenty of great high variance slots. The top online slot studios games for American players are Betsoft and Realtime Gaming (RTG).

How to Identify High Volatility Online Slots

If you’re looking for high volatility slots machines, there are some things you need to know. If you don’t know how volatile the online slots is. Our expert online slot reviews are your best friend. They tell you all you need about the slot you want to play.

You won’t even need to read the game’s paytable because we cover all the pertinent info. We mention the special symbols, bonus rounds, payback rates and jackpots. It’s all in one place and our online slot reviews are the best place to start!

If you want a few slot tips from the experts, we have two. If you plan on going big start with RTG’s Cash Bandits 3. This video slot has 25 paylines and it’s the follow-up to the classics Cash Bandits and Cash Bandits 2. It has better jackpots and you can win millions of dollars if you play for the max stake! The theme is all about cops and robbers. You’ll break safes with the slot’s Free Spins Feature, which is special in its own right. If you get lucky, you can snag up to 390 free spins along with a 23x win multiplier to boot!

Realtime Gaming’s 5 Wishes is another top-notch high volatility progressive jackpot slot. It’s based on the fantasy world of the Arabian Nights. Its standard top cash prize is 50,000x your stake. Furthermore, RTG throws in two progressive jackpots as well!

Pros and Cons of High Volatility Online Slots

In terms of advantages, high volatility online slots offer big average wins and massive top jackpots. That’s what makes them so appealing. Wins might be rare in high volatility slots, but they tend to be high on average.

Even smaller wins can be several times your stake; you can get a single payout of 50x-200x of your bet. If you enjoy long gaming sessions, you’ll typically hit one or two wins like that. That’s mainly if you get lucky and trigger a neat gameplay feature or two.

High volatility slots have big jackpots. They’re in the region of 2,000x-50,000x of your stake. That’s many times what low volatility slots can give you. Some high volatility games even have progressive jackpots that can net you millions of dollars.

In terms of cons, their math models are tough and their hit rates are low. As such brace yourself for plenty of dry spins which will cut into your bankroll. The low hit rates mean that you’ll need to reload more often. Which makes high volatility online slots a poor choice if you have a small bankroll.

How to Play High Volatility Online Slots

Chances are that you’re now itching to give a high volatility slot a shot. Before you do that, though, we have some useful tips for you.

If you want to succeed in high volatility online slots, you need to be conservative with your bankroll management. That’s because it’s a given that you’ll have to face many dry spells with little to no wins. Getting one or two of such streaks will deplete your bankroll if you aren’t conservative enough.

Bankroll Management Is Important

The basic rule bet 1/100 of your bankroll per round isn’t safe enough for highly volatile slots. Instead, you’ll have to go for 1/200 or higher if you want to play it safe.

Many offer big jackpots, but you if you accept a bonus make sure the WR are player-friendly. Those may include having to play with full paylines or with various additional bets. Going for these is typically worth it, as you’ll get a bigger payout potential and an increased RTP. You’ll have to increase your bet size too.

After a big win rather withdraw your money from the casino instead of playing it all back again. Especially if you’re playing at a Bitcoin Casino. They way BTC’s prize is climbing now it can be a very good investment. Therefore, play with your head and not your heart.

Bet Within The Confines Of Your Bankroll

The worst you can do is increase your bet size. It’s so easy to make this mistake especially when greed gets the better of you. Moreover, if you had a big win, the casino will offer you a special bonus code on one of their slots. They know you won a lot of money and they want it back. So, just be aware of this trick.

Final Word

High volatility slots are ideal for players that want to win big. They can be hard to endure and you’ll get many dry runs. On the upside you can receive a payout several hundred times your bet. They can even turn your life around if you play progressive jackpot video slots.

It’s an intense experience that can go either way. Therefore, slots that are volatile is not for everyone, unfortunately. Some players like living on the edge. Consequently, if you don’t mind risks, they’re just for you.

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