How To Play Low Volatility Slot Machines

5 February 2021 3 minutes to read
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Online slots are among the most popular online casino games. They come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why it might be hard to pick one that’s right for you. In this article, we’ll look at low volatility slots. We’ll tell you all you need to know about them!

What Are Low Volatility Online Slots?

Low volatility slots are online slots that pay often. As a result, they offer a payout on every second or third spin. With low volatility slots, chances are that you’ll have your bankroll intact at the end of a session.

Dry runs with no wins are rare. That sets low volatility slots apart from high volatility slots. The reason why players play them is because they offer plenty of winning spins. The payouts tend to be small however.

Casinos for American players online offer low volatility online slots from both Betsoft and RTG (Realtime Gaming). Popular low variance slot machines are The Hive and Mystic Hive. Their payback ratios are in excess of 97%, and their hit frequencies are high.

How to Identify Low Volatility Online Slots

There are many different ways you can identify low volatility slots. The paytable of the slot machine may include the game’s volatility. For the most part however you won’t find it there. That’s why it’s important to read the expert slot reviews of

We provide all the info about the online slot. But, not only that we test the games with real money! That means that you don’t need to dig through its paytable, or online. You’ll get into about pay symbols, gameplay features, top payouts and even volatility. Most reviewers will tell you what it is on a scale, so you’ll get accurate info. When possible, you can learn what the hit rate is. In other words, how often should you expect get a payout.

Check The Slot Machine’s Engine

If you’re looking for a few hints, we offer you plenty. Realtime Gaming’s Frog Fortunes is an excellent online slot that combines low volatility level with exciting features. Those include Exploding Symbols and Cascading Reels, so there is plenty to look forward to. Its low jackpot of 150x won’t impress anyone, but there are 243 ways to win. Those keep the payouts coming.

If you want to play something Christmasy, on the other hand, go for Take Santa’s Shop. This spectacular real money slot comes from Betsoft. You can play it at the best USA online casinos. It will take you to a realm full of Christmas treats, sleighs and holiday robbers.

Those robbers play a role in its gameplay features as well. They turn symbols into bombs that then explode every time the Ornament Bomb Counter runs down to 0. All exploded symbols turn into Wilds, giving you a massive chance of winning in the process! The RTP of Take Santa’s Shop is 96.08%. Plus, the slot has a jackpot of 359x of your stake per game round.

Pros and Cons of Low Volatility Online Slots

Make no mistake low volatility online slots have their pros and cons. Let’s cover the pros quickly. They have decent hit rates and soft math models. Moreover, they’re ideal for recreational players that don’t want to burn their bankrolls quickly. With these slots, you’ll get a win even once per two or three spins on average. That ensures no dry spells in which you’d have to suffer through plenty of non-winning spins.

Many low volatility online slots have high average return to players. There will always be a house edge, true. It will be small, and even bad sessions won’t lead to the loss of an entire bankroll.

The cons of low volatility slots include small payouts and low jackpots. You can get a nice win even in low volatility slots, true. Those are very rare, though, and most of them will be in the range of 10x-100x of your bet. That’s not bad, but it won’t give you that that exciting feeling of winning a jackpot.

That goes hand in hand with low jackpots. The most that you can win per round in most low volatility games is 300x-1500x of your bet.

How to Play Low Volatility Online Slots

If low volatility online slots sound interesting to you, we’ve got some helpful tips and tricks. Since low variance games usually have soft mathematical models. They’re bankroll-friendly, or so to speak. You can go by the general rule of betting 1/100 of your bankroll per spin.

Most importantly, your risk of ruin in a single session is low. It can be even as low as a couple percent at some games. If you aren’t sure, there are risk of ruin calculators online.

Another thing to keep in mind is that low volatility slots are ideal for fulfilling the bonus wagering requirements. If you want to get through a bonus at your USA online casino, play low volatility slots. That means that there’s a better chance that you won’t lose your bonus money while rolling it over.

Look for the latest low variance slots at the top casinos that accept players from the States. The average theoretical RTP is going up constantly. Newer games even have better gameplay features and visuals, so they are more appealing in every respect.

Final Word

Low volatility online slots are great for casino fans that enjoy playing slots at their own pace. They won’t burn through your bankroll. They entertain you for long hours with little to no stress. If you get lucky, you might even end up with a profit!

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