How to Solve USA Online Casino Complaints

10 August 2021 4 minutes to read
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Casinos online in the USA are usually safe and trustworthy. However, the reality is non-payment complaints or any problematic issue may pitch from time to time. In this article, we tell you what to do if an online casino in the US does not pay you.

For the most part, it can be a tricky process, but we’ll walk you through the bits and pieces. So, tune in because it’s one of the most important casino USA online articles you’ll ever read.


What Are Online USA Casino Complaints?

During our more than 20 years tenure in the online gambling industry. We learned one thing, online casinos for USA players slip up from time to time. It can be non-payments, problems with bonuses, or shoddy customer support.

When it comes to playing casino games for real money online, always expect the worse. Always remain calm throughout. Moreover, your communication with the casino USA online must be civil. Open a ticket and describe your query clearly and concisely. Save all the chat logs or e-mails for later reference. They are important, so don’t forget about them.


Watchdog Sites

If the first contact with customer support fails, try again. Chances are that another member of the staff will be more helpful. If this doesn’t sort things out. It’s time for you to matters to the next level. In other words, contact one of the online gambling watchdog sites.

In this respect, we recommend the GPWA and its sister organization, the APCW. These gambling online watchdogs uphold the integrity of the online gaming industry from the community’s perspective.

They are professionals that know how legal USA casinos online work. We’d like to point out that gambling watchdogs don’t have any authority over online casinos. Instead, they rely on the considerable influence they have in the online gambling casino industry. Suffice to say, they can ruin a casino’s reputation by blacklisting it. Believe us, no US casino online likes a bad rap.

Reputation is a big deal in USA online casino circles. Therefore, this approach often works the best. Watchdog sites like Affiliate Guard Dog is another top site.

How Do I Contact a Watchdog Site If The Casino Refuses to Pay Me?

Contacting a watchdog is easy. Start a thread, in the appropriate section. Make sure you have a valid case against the US casino online. Online gambling watchdog sites have strict requirements with regard to casino complaints.

If you don’t include the necessary documentation that validates your complaint/issue. They won’t follow up on your ticket. How does it work? If the online casino advertises its affiliate program at the USA casino’s watchdog site. The watchdog will then contact the online casino with the details you’ve given them on your behalf.

Licensing Bodies

Aside from watchdog sites, you can turn to the licensing body the USA online casino has a license in. They are the independent bodies that grant licenses to legal USA online casinos. The most popular jurisdiction that licenses US casinos over the Internet is Curacao. To be more precise the Curacao Gambling Board.

Scroll down to the footer of the casino online in the USA. It’s here that you’ll see a small banner or link of the body where the casino has a license. You can contact the casino’s support or you’ll find the info in its T&C’s.

If you’re playing at a US state casino, it should be easy. They oversee the casino’s online operation. USA casinos are quick to respond to these cases, as the penalties can be harsh if they mess up.


How to Solve Complaints Quickly

There are a couple of things that you should keep in mind when resolving disputes. It doesn’t matter if you’re contacting customer support, a watchdog site, or licensing bodies. At all points, you should state your problem as clearly as possible.

If you’re following up on a dispute. Add your chat logs or e-mails so that it’s clear that you already tried to resolve the issue yourself. That will allow the watchdog or the licensing body to grasp the situation quickly. It can cut the response time as well.


How to Avoid Complaints and Disputes

As always, it’s best to avoid all issues altogether if you can. In practice, this means you should play only at trustworthy USA online casinos. Check our online casino reviews to find out which casinos are the best in this respect. You’ll also get more info than that, the full picture.

Playing at legal US casinos licensed by USA states like New Jersey or West Virginia is another alternative. They are among the safest casinos in the US online. Further, they operate within the purview of the US’s gambling laws.

To play at a casino within a US state legally online you must be within the state’s borders and 21. You don’t have to be a resident of the state.

Also, try not to run into problems by making mistakes. If you see something suspicious at the online casino. Don’t sign up or at least don’t deposit more money. If you already played real money casino games. Withdraw your money immediately and don’t play at that casino again. Rather safe than sorry.


Final Word

USA online casino complaints and disputes can be hard to navigate. If you stick to no-nonsense solutions, though, you should be able to solve your issues. It’s also a good idea to try to avoid running into them. That’s the best approach for them all, so follow our suggestions and you’ll be on the right way!


FAQs USA Online Casino Complaints and Disputes

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The biggest issue with USA online casinos is non-payments. Another problem that rears its ugly head is when the online gambling site doesn’t credit the bonus to your account. Even when players provided the right casino bonus code. Poor player support irks us too. Especially if you have a query and the online casino takes days to respond to it.

Only play casino games for real money at the online US casinos recommends. The faster a casino replies to a simple email query; indicates the level of service it will offer you.

Start by contacting the casino’s customer support. You can reach the casino’s support via email, live chat, or telephone. Another way is to contact watchdog gambling online sites like the GPWA or the Curacao Gambling Board.

It helps a lot if you save your chat logs and correspondence the casino online in the US. State your problem with the casino in a concise and professional manner. If the online casino has an affiliate program at GPWA or AGD.

A representative of the casino’s affiliate program is active on their forums. The good news is that they’ll escalate your non-payment issue to the casino for you. Because a lot of eyeballs will be on your thread.