Is It Worth It Playing Real Money Casino Games?

27 August 2021 4 minutes to read
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Is it worth it playing casino games for real money online? Without sounding like a parrot, it is. After all, every single player is looking for that Christmas win!

Many players, especially from the United States still don’t know the regulatory issues that surround USA online casinos. As such they’re afraid to play at casinos online that accept US players. Despite the fact that they have a legal license even if it’s in another jurisdiction.

Moreover, the Federal Government has not prosecuted any player from the U.S to date. By this, we mean players that play casino games for real money at legal offshore online casinos. We’re not going to cover online gambling legislation. Simply put, it’s outside the scope of this article. Let’s focus instead on why real money casino games are important.

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Why Play Casino Games For Cash Online?


Playing Slots With Free Credits

You’re most probably thinking, duh to win money dude! Why else play games for real money at online casinos. After all, you can only play games with free credits before the monotony of it gets to you. Make no mistake playing slots with free credits tells you a lot about the game.

That’s before you risk money. Free slots play enables you to learn a lot about the slot’s mechanics. That’s to say how the slot pays in both the base game and bonus rounds. More importantly, if it’s worth playing the slots for real money at new casinos online.

Many players don’t have the time to commit thousands of spins in the free slots mode. Besides, they feel there’s a massive difference between the real money and the free slots versions. Let’s stop the bus right there for a second. What, seriously?! There’s no difference between the math of demo and real money casino games. The RTP and the hit rate are exactly the same.

Playing a slot for free is just as important as playing it with cash! Reading reviews of slots online is not enough. Players with a methodical approach to real money casino games are successful gamblers. We speak from experience of course. Progressive jackpot slots is a different kettle of fish altogether. They seldom hit. Further, real money casinos online that accept Americans pay jackpot wins in installments.


Why Play Blackjack For Money?

‘Abigail’ told us she started playing blackjack for money online due to all the hype. She read about blackjack in glossy women’s magazines. And, how Hollywood blockbuster films depicted it. Playing slot machines wasn’t just a lady’s game anymore. Enter blackjack for real money online!

She studied the ins and out of blackjack. Clearly, she didn’t want to be just an ‘average’ blackjack player for cash. She wanted to be successful at the game. To that end, she studied the different variations of the real money casino game. In other words, optimal betting strategy.

Abigail spent countless hours playing blackjack for free at gambling sites online. She also kept a record of her playing experience. For example, the payouts she received at different stakes. How many times she hit blackjack (21); is it good to hit or stand on a soft 17, and so forth.

When did she know the time was right to finally play blackjack for real money? When she started winning consistently playing blackjack with free credits. The best part is after a few blackjack sessions she won $500. It was at one of the top new online USA casinos, Andromeda Casino. Abigail took a screenshot of her ‘big win’. You go, girl!


What About Video Poker For Real Cash at Online Casinos?

Believe it or not, before we played slots for money online we were big into video poker. We mean big time! We played video poker for hours on end in land-based casinos and online casinos. Even if we have to say so ourselves we were good at it.

Oh, the video poker variant we played is Jacks or Better. Heck, during coffee breaks we use to get together to play the casino game for real money. Steven (not his real name) is our video real money casino game expert.

All of us chipped in, so much so Steven ended up with a bankroll of $500. Which he quickly turned into $2,000! When a potential good hand pops up. Steven, would ask us; “guys how should I go about this one?”

It was a real team effort and a great bonding session for the OC2 team. Sadly, slots and the daily constraints of work take up most of our time now.


Key Notes Casino Games For Real Money Tips

We’ve picked up a lot of things about playing casino games for real money at online casinos over the years. The best part about our playing experience is that we share them for FREE with you!

If you decide to play real money slots here are few tips:

  • Read the paytable. It’s that little icon that looks like an ‘i’. When you touch or click on it, all the info about the slots appears on your screen.
  • Play with free credits before you risk money.
  • When you play with cash, start with the lowest bet as a ‘test phase’ for at least 50 spins. Write down your results.
  • If the slot keeps on giving you losing spins, play another slot.
  • Don’t play slots for money with an RTP lower than 96% unless you’re a high roller.
  • Never ever chase your losses and always start with a clean slate!

When you play a casino game such as blackjack for real money online. Study optimal betting strategy like ‘Abigail’ did and be patient! If you decide to play video for money like the OC2 team, make it a team effort. Pick a video poker variant like Jacks or Better. The reason why we chose Jacks or Better is it’s easy to learn. More importantly, study poker hand ranking and bet the max 5 credits per hand.


Final Word

Playing casino games for real money at online casinos runs like a golden thread throughout the gambling industry. A great way to learn about the inner workings of a casino game is to play it with free credits. We illustrated our point using Abigail and ourselves as an example.

During our tenure of more than 25 years in the online gambling industry, we learned one thing. And, that is that practice indeed does make perfect! Especially when you start playing slots or blackjack for real cash! It’s no cakewalk. The most successful real money casino game players spend hours on end perfecting honing their skills. So, is it worth it playing casino games for real money at the best legal online casinos? You bet it is.

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