Live Casino Roulette Etiquette

21 January 2021 3 minutes to read
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Live casino roulette is the latest big innovation in roulette gaming. Gone are the days in which you had to visit a real casino. Nowadays, you can play in a realistic setting anytime you want. Even better, you can play anywhere you are as well. All you need is a stable internet connection and a decent mobile device. You can sit down at the most trustworthy live casino USA roulette tables.

There’s a social aspect to these live casino tables, though. So what’s the etiquette in roulette, and how should you go about it.


Basic Roulette Etiquette

Before we get to live casino roulette etiquette. Most online casino fans never played roulette in a land casino before. Therefore, it’s important to cover the fundamentals of roulette etiquette first.

Since roulette is not as complicated as blackjack, it’s all about the right timing. If you are new to roulette. It can be tough to know when you should place your chips and when to collect them. If you are unsure, stand back for a while and watch the action closely. After a few rounds of watching, you should feel confident enough to have a go on your own.


Must You Tip?

Basic roulette etiquette encourages tipping. If you snag a few wins in a row you’re more than welcome to tip the dealer. It makes for a better playing atmosphere. Moreover, it’s not nice to be the only player at the table who didn’t tip the dealer.

The dealer can give you a few tips too hence the reason why tipping is important. It’s not necessary to tip the dealer on every win you get. It you bet on even money bets, tip once every 5 or 6 wins. If you tip on bets that pay out significantly more, tip once every 2 or 3 wins.

It’s bad manners to celebrate wildly or make a lot of noise. Mind the other players and check your manners throughout. Everyone hates a noisy player, so don’t be that one! If you can’t bear the stress of a poor streak or become frustrated at some point; stop playing. Or, take a break and return to the roulette table when you’re in a better mood. That way, things will be better for you and your fellow roulette players.

Drinking and eating is a definite no-no at the roulette table. However, the casino does accept light snacks such as a chocolate for a bit of energy. But, nothing more than that. If you feel in need of a refreshment. Visit the casino’s bar or restaurant. Once you had a decent meal or even a sandwhich; you’ll feel better and your attitude towards the game will change.


Live Casino Roulette Etiquette

In live casino roulette, most of the etiquette revolves around your communication. The social aspect that comes with live casino roulette tables is what makes them so interesting for many casino players.

You can celebrate your wins together and share your losses. You can also have a good chat with the dealer about life if the play is slow. If it’s only you or another player at the table, you are free to do almost anything. If the table is full, don’t bother the dealer too much. He or she will have to focus on the action and therefore won’t have enough time to chat.


Good Manners Go A Long Way

Live casinos encourage their roulette players to tip their dealers. In particular at the high roller roulette tables where the stakes are huge. If you decide to play at low-stakes tables, only tip the dealer if you want to. Most online casino players that play for low stakes should focus on their bankroll.

Constantly joining and leaving tables is also a bad practice. Don’t fall for the myths that suggest that you can improve your results by playing for certain periods of time. You won’t win the first few bets you play at a table. Simply put, the RNG (random number generator) decides the outcome of a spin in computer roulette. If your internet connection is bad wait until it comes up again. Your favorite table at the best USA casinos will still be there, so don’t worry!


Don’t Do This When You Play Roulette

Since most of live casino roulette etiquette is about your chat behavior. Make sure your chat is always civil. Don’t be rude to other players and don’t be rude to the dealer. If you behave badly, the roulette casino will ban you for a period of time.

If you continue with your bad habits; the casino will ban you from chat for good. It’s rare to see an online casino ban a player from its live casino tables. Muted players can’t bother other players. Then again it’s bad business if roulette casinos stop real cash players from chatting.


Final Word

Live casino roulette can be a bit daunting at first. There’s no need to worry, though – you’ll be fine if you follow the hints from this article. Once you find the right rhythm, you’ll be able to enjoy live casino roulette freely. Then, it will become your favorite online roulette experience. It’s not hard to behave nicely. Just make sure that you avoid the few things mentioned above!

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