Online Casino Bonuses 5 Important Things

7 January 2021 4 minutes to read
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The casino bonus is one of the most important perks online casinos offer to their players. The best USA online casinos award thousands of dollars to all newcomers via sign up bonuses. If you want to get the most out of your casino gaming; take advantage of them. It’s easy at first glance. You only need to make an online casino deposit to receive extra cash.

There are some pitfalls along the way, though. And, if you are a newcomer, it’s easy to make a mistake. Match bonuses can be complex. Here are the top 5 things you need to know about online casino sign up bonuses.

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Qualifying Deposits and Promo Codes

Before you deposit your money, make sure that you know that your deposit will qualify. Some casinos only deposit bonuses through selected payment methods. This might be Bitcoin deposits or credit card deposits, for example. If you don’t have those methods available, look somewhere else. There are plenty of online casinos with sign up bonuses that will work with your preferred payment method.

Another thing to keep in mind is promo codes. Some deposit bonuses require you to enter a promo code during your deposit. If you don’t enter it, that deposit won’t count and won’t give you any bonus money.


Getting the Best Possible Deposit Bonus Codes

You also need to consider how much you want to deposit. Sign up bonuses usually double your deposit up to a certain amount. There’s always a minimum and maximum that you need to work with. So, it’s entirely up to you how much you want to deposit. The size of the deposit bonus can be 50%, 100%, 250% up to 500%.

The key is to go for the best possible bonus without selling yourself short. You know how much you can afford to spend. Keep that in mind next time you accept the casino’s welcome bonus.

If the online casino offers multiple deposit bonuses; check the specific conditions of each bonus. If you can get bonuses on more than just your first deposit by all means go for it. Aside from the deposit or welcome bonus. Online casinos offer free spins, reload, and no-deposit bonuses. Moreover, VIP casino high rollers receive special bonuses of up to 500%, maybe more.


Understanding Wagering Requirements

Every single welcome bonus has a wagering requirement. Moreover, the wagering requirements consist of the amount you need to wager. Secondly, which online casino games contribute towards the play-through. Casino games like slots, keno, bingo, and scratch cards count 100% towards the WR. Normally players must wager their deposit + bonus money, multiplied by 30x. However, it can be more or less, depending on the online casino.

Therefore, it requires quite some time and dedication, so ask yourself if you are willing to go through the process. If you aren’t, tone down your deposit or look for an online casino that caters to low-stake players.

Also, check which games count towards the requirement. It’s typically all the games the online casino offers. There can be exceptions, though – perhaps some of the casino classics don’t count. Alternatively, casino classics can count for less than games like blackjack and baccarat. If you play slots for real money, no worries.


Remember The Wagering Requirements

Getting through wagering requirements will take you a while. The good news is that our safe and secure online US casinos allow you to track your progress. If you enter the bonus menu; you can see how much you’ve already wagered. The casino tells you how much money you still need to wager. As well as the number of remaining days you have to clear the WR.

You’ll still be able to get your regular deposit back even if you fail, so no worries on that front. You won’t get any of the bonus money, though. Sometimes it’s a good idea to start a new sign up bonus elsewhere instead of continuing with the old one.

You only need to make sure that you won’t fall into the same trap again. If the casino online offers a large match bonus deposit less. It’s easier for you to clear the wagering requirements attached to the bonus. Besides, a small bonus percentage is still better than nothing.


How To Withdraw Your Bonus Winnings

The final thing you need to know about online casino sign up bonuses is how withdrawals work. If you want to withdraw your money alongside the bonus; you must clear the wagering requirements.

Once you completed the WR or the bonus terms. You can withdraw the money you’ve won with your bonus. Choose the amount of money you want to withdraw. If it’s your first withdrawal request at the casino. The online casino site requires KYC (know your customer) documents.

The documents include a copy of your passport, ID, or driver’s license. Moreover, the casino needs copies of a bank statement and a utility bill. Players who use a credit card must email the casino a copy of the front and back end. Note, make sure you include your credit card’s CVV number as well.

The payout won’t go ahead until you supply the info, so keep that in mind. Depending on the payment method. The casino gambling site clears withdrawals within minutes if you use Bitcoin. If you use Bank Wire or Checks it can take up to 10 days.


Final Word

The casino’s match bonus is a fantastic promotion that gives you a lot of extra money. Providing you understand the bonus terms and what the casino expects from you. Many players still ignore the fine print of the bonuses. They accept the bonus because all they see is plenty of free extra cash.

The moment they receive a decent payout they request a withdrawal. The online casino immediately cancels their withdrawal due to the following reasons. The player’s average bet per spin was more than $5. Or, the person tried to claim multiple deposit bonuses.

The casino online states that players can only claim one bonus per household. And, they cannot wager more than $5 per spin when they play online slot machines. So, what does the online casino do when a player violates the bonus terms? The casino voids not only the bonus but winnings too. The bottom line is before you accept a casino bonus, check the bonus terms, always!

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