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22 January 2021 4 minutes to read
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If you’ve been around the casino scene like we have. It’s possible to make a profit from casino games over the long run. With a lot of hard work and dedication it is possible. Now, the question is. Which casino games I can play where I can beat the house? In this article, we take a close look at them. But, more importantly we tell you how you can beat them.


Blackjack is the number one casino game you can bet. All casino fans have heard about blackjack being beatable. There are plenty of movies and books about big blackjack wins. They bring quite some glamour to the table. Beating blackjack is harder than ever before. That’s because casinos actively fight against players that use advantage play methods in blackjack.

These methods include card counting, shuffle tracking, ace sequencing, edge sorting and hole carding. Each of these methods is a bit different. While the basic idea is the same; it’s important to know what to do when the right cards pitch.

You can have the edge on your side and place bets with a positive expected value. Once you master the skill set, your can place as many profitable bets as you like.

It’s worth noting that online blackjack differs vastly from regular blackjack. You’ll use a different betting strategy in an online US casino than in a land casino. Techniques like card counting don’t work online and that applies to online live casino blackjack too. There are regular shuffles in live casino blackjack at the best casinos USA online. As a result this makes it difficult to reduce the house edge.

Video Poker

Video poker is a popular casino game and can have many shapes. There are machines that offer a theoretical RTP higher than 100%, yet most players lose big time. That’s because video poker requires skill. The more skill a video poker player has the better his chances are of winning.

Furthermore, Full-Pay Deuces Wild and Full-Pay Joker Wild have the best theoretical RTPs. That’s to the tune of 100.65% and 100.76%, respectively.

That’s not too bad. The issue however is how many rounds you can play per hour and at what stakes. Those limiting factors are why you don’t find that many video poker experts in casinos. It’s a demanding job that doesn’t even pay all that much.


No, we haven’t gone crazy. You cannot beat most keno casino games and the house edge is big in most of them. What you need to look for are keno games with progressive jackpots.

The issues are that the time window will be narrow and that you’ll need a lot of luck as well. That’s because you’ll need to hit the jackpot for the big payout. That’s nowhere near as easy as winning a blackjack hand. Even worse, someone else can win the jackpot and make you wait for it to rise again.

The bottom line is that you can have a mathematical edge in keno.  You’ll need to have way more luck on your side than in other casino games. Generally speaking, keno is not that popular with casino patrons.


Poker isn’t a traditional casino game in its modern form. Poker games where you have to play against other player remains your best bet. If you’re looking for a casino game that you can have g good edge then poker is your friend.

It’s even easier to learn to play well than blackjack. The reason being there’s a broader set of skills that you can apply. If you play live games in land based casinos. You can use psychology and various social skills. Bluffing is big in poker and spotting various tells can make you a lot of money!

When playing online, it’s mostly down to mathematics. Playing online is the best for most poker players. That’s because live poker games are available 24/7. A wider pool of players can join and players can play at more than just a single table.

The golden age of online poker might be over. The good news is professional poker players can still win millions of dollars. Being a professional poker player is a realistic career choice. Looking at the rest of the list, only blackjack comes close in this regard.

Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud is the surprise inclusion on this list. Most casino fans have never even heard about the game. It’s on offer in land based casinos, and it is possible to beat it. The only way of doing so is to have a team of seven players that can work together.

Moreover, if you can get that and make the team communicate well; there’s a way of getting around house edge. Coordinating seven people is not easy. The game requires no special skill which makes it easy to master. You’ll get a pleasant 2.38% edge over the casino if you can get everything going. There are no shortcuts, however, and you can’t win with just six players. The best you can do with six players is lower the house edge to 0.4%.

Final Word

Finally, there aren’t many casino games that you can beat, but they exist. You can have a lot of fun learning the ways to beat them. Don’t expect too much in terms of results. Unless you’re willing to dedicate a lot of time and hard work; you won’t be able to win a lot of money. Poker and blackjack are the biggest money-makers most of the time. Focus on them if money is what you’re after.

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