Online Gambling The Great Come Backs

22 August 2022 4 minutes to read
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Ever heard the saying “never give up”? It most certainly applies to online gambling as well.

Just because you started off poorly doesn’t mean you won’t win anything. This article looks at some of the great come backs when playing online casino games for real money.

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Never Give Up When You Gamble

What’s one of the worst things that can happen when you start playing games at an online casino? We’d say, that’s losing right off the bat.

No matter what you do, you can’t seem to get a winning hand or winning spin. It can suck the energy out right out of you. There is hope so don’t give up.

We’ve all been there, and it sucks. One way or another you will experience a rotten streak at an online gambling site.

We know of a few players who made great comebacks. Here’s their story. Before we continue, you the limits of your bankroll and don’t dip into your savings if you’ve lost.

Everything About Wild Casino is Wild!

As a an American Amber said she received a welcome bonus offer from Wild Casino to her Inbox. Normally she’ll just delete those emails.

A little voice in the back of her head told her to go for it. That’s exactly what she did. Strange as it may sound the previous night she had a dream about winning money.

She started playing Captain’s Quest: Treasure Island slot from Betsoft and the roof literally caved in. That’s just a figure of speech as it relates to Amber’s slots experience at Wild Casino.

“I couldn’t hit anything but even-money hits”. She kept on playing different machines for the next few hours, nothing.

To compound matters further she lost half her bankroll. Her hubby on the other computer was having a blast at another US real money casino online.

Fortune Favors the Brave

After all, she still had half her bankroll. No need to tell you guys that I was down in the dumps. I counted my losses on Captain’s Quest: Treasure Island logged out of Wild online casino. And, called it a night.

Instead of crying in her root beer. Amber decided to give it another go. The following evening after supper I thought why not.

This time she decided to play Nine Realms at Casino Max. The site offered a nice sign-on bonus of 310% up to $3,100 just for stopping by.

She said within a few spins she hit a nice win on Nine Realms. She said the blues of the previous night disappeared like fog before the morning sun. Her winning streak didn’t stop there. Nine Realms slot was hot, hot, hot.

After a few more spins she won back the money she lost. From previous experience when the slots pay, chances are good to hit successive streaks.

Online Gambling Great Come Backs

Amber said, she more than doubled her bankroll at Casino Max playing Nine Realms slot machine. She stopped playing after a few minutes and cashed out her winnings fast with Bitcoin.

She didn’t want to become another scalp on the casino’s virtual wall. After all, she had to “work hard for her money”.

Her first few trips at an online casino turned out to be a great trip. Amber is fully aware of the pitfalls of online gambling.

Luckily, she had experience playing at casinos in Las Vegas, and she knows what it feels like to lose. Her second day was her best day at a casino. She’ll definitely play at Casino Max again.

She hasn’t written Wild Casino offer yet, she likes the site’s bonuses, and catalog of Betsoft games.

casino slot game

Slots Are a Blast

Nancy said she registered a free account at MYB Casino because her husband plays at the site. He had a few fabulous wins the past few months, she also wanted a bite at that cherry.

Besides, MYB is a secure and safe  online casino for players from the United States. She’s also fully aware that the casino has a license offshore. So, it’s perfectly legit for Americans.

She likes playing online slot machines because they relax her. One of her favorite games is RTG’s Ibiza Hotpots. Once she started playing a train smashed her bankroll to pieces.

To worsen matters her husband bragged out his big blackjack win. He even joked he’ll give her a few gambling lessons 101 on the house.

She felt like throwing her handbag at him. Talk about being full of himself. This made her mad but she realized don’t get mad get even. She kept on playing until her bankroll was only running on fumes.

The Big Hit!

My husband broke even after playing for a few hours. So he wasn’t as obnoxious as he was earlier on. Later that night it was magic!

She did not won the a jackpot but she had a spectacular win that put a smile on her face. Taking into account how her gambling session started earlier, ended on a high.

Her husband had a rotten session at the blackjack table which made her win even more sweeter.


When you play casino games for real money always remember there’s the possibility of come backs. However, there should also be a fine line when to stop and when to continue on playing.

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