Pros and Cons of Insurance Bets In Blackjack

14 January 2021 4 minutes to read
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Blackjack is the most popular card casino game online. While some appreciate its low house edge, others like its strategic layer. There’s a lot going on under the hood of blackjack. We examine insurance bets in blackjack and tell you what you should know about them!


What Are Insurance Bets?

Insurance bets are side bets in blackjack the casino USA online offers players under certain conditions. You can place an insurance bet only if the dealer’s face up card is an Ace. You must place an insurnace bet before play commences.

An insurance bet will cost you one half of your main bet. Moreover, the casino resolves the bets immediately. The live casino dealer will take a look at the face down card. If it’s not a ten-value card; you’ll lose your insurance bet and play will proceed as normal. If it’s a ten-value card, the payout is 2:1 on the insurance wager instead.

But wait – what if you’re holding a blackjack while the dealer’s face up card is an Ace? In that case, you can place an insurance bet. In doing so, you’ll win an amount equal to your main bet. That’s a better result than getting a push on your blackjack.


Pros of Insurance Bets

Insurance bets are good for players that want to reduce the volatility when they play blackjack online. That’s because they go against the main bet. That’s a fair concept and insurance bets can be worth it in certain situations. If you are looking to fulfill the wagering requirements of a casino bonus. And, losing as little money as possible; insurance bets make a lot of sense.

If you count cards in blackjack, insurance bets will stand you in good stead. Note, if you’re a newbie you can use these techniques at online casinos for insurance bets. You only need to track ten-value cards which makes things a bit easier. In addition, you don’t need that much to see if an insurance bet will be worth it, or not.


Cons of Insurance Bets

The main negative of insurance bets is that they have a higher house edge than standard blackjack. On average, you’ll lose more than half of the insurance bets you’ll place. Since the payout odds are 2:1; it’s easy to see that they will lose you money in the long run.

The psychological side of insurance bets are just as risky. The worst possible scenario is that you place one and you lose in the regular play. That’s two bets down the drain instead of just one. That can take its toll and make it hard for you to focus on the game.


When to Use Insurance Bets

We advise you to use insurance bets under the following conditions. The first is when you want to decrease blackjack’s volatility. This can be because of the bonus or to protect your bankroll. Now, if you accept a bonus to play blackjack online. Make sure that the bonus contributes towards the weighting of blackjack.

It so happens that players use a 100% real money slots bonus to play blackjack. Big mistake! You’ll end up spending tons of money just to clear the WR as it normally counts 10% towards blackjack.

They are great for card counting players and other blackjack techniques. Instead of focusing on the main action and all the cards, start tracking ten-value cards. It makes everything easier and allow you to get an edge on insurance bets. Once you become skilled enough to track ten-value cards confidently. You can move on to the next step and improve your range of tracked cards.


What About Other Side Bets?

Insurance bets aren’t the only side bets that you can place in blackjack. Some USA online casinos offer blackjack tables with a plethora of side bets. For example, there are 21+3 side bets that originated from poker. For example, you can bet on what hand your two cards and the dealer’s face up card will be.

There are 5 different positive outcomes that work like in poker. They are a Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Straight Flush and a Suited Triple. A Flush equals all three cards matching suits and has a payout of 5:1. A Straight equals all three cards and offers a payout of 10:1.

Three of a Kind equals all three cards matching values and has a payout of 10:1. A Straight Flush equals all three cards and matching suits with a payout of 40:1. Then there’s the Suited Triple that equals all three cards with matching values and suits. The payout it offers is 100:1.

As a rule of thumb, insurance side bets are the only side bets that make sense from a mathematical viewpoint. All the other side bets are so mathematically bad that they are worth it only for confident card counters. And, since the house edge is so big anyway, it’s arguably better to focus solely on the main action instead.


Final Word

Insurance bets are an inseparable part of blackjack. Most blackjack players don’t know much about them. More often then not they usually bet on a whime when it comes to insurance bets. By now, you should know that you can use insurance bets to decrease the volatility of blackjack. If you are serious about blackjack, using insurance bets can land you a heft profit but it’s risky!

You don’t need to care about any of the other types of side bets, on the other hand. They are just bad deals that come with a huge house edge. Unless you can utilize card counting and/or shuffle tracking, they are not worth going for.

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