Reels or Video Slots?

2 March 2022 4 minutes to read
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At the greatest online casinos, video slots are hands down the most popular slots.

However, there is still a core of players that prefer three-reel games.

The contemporary online slots player prefers video slots with their pulsating themes, bonuses, and jackpots.

Some players on the other hand choose to play them both. So, what convinced players to add video slots to their rotation?

Let’s take a closer look.


An Easy Choice

A player that has been around to play reel slots said it was an easy entry because of the bonuses.

He liked the picked me bonus game with the various gift boxes. When he picked on them he received an instant cash prize.

To him, that was a first and he liked the ‘interactivity’ the slot offered. Some might scoff at it but he had oodles of fun.

It was similar to a video slot less the fancy graphics. He said he loved the slot and avoided video slots because he does not like the extra paylines.

Furthermore, the player said he liked his extra winning chances with the reel game. However, he’ll only play video slots if they have picking bonuses.


Monopoly Slots

The one player said she played the Monopoly slots when they just came out. She and her husband played a lot of Monopoly at home.

As a result, playing the slot machine at the casino came as a natural choice. The casino had only two games, one was a reel slot and the other a video slot.

She said neither of them played a video slot before. As luck would have her hubby caught a nice bonus and landed on a few decent properties.

They went around the board a few times and even landed on Illinois with a hotel. Talk about the good old days.

We’ve played Monopoly a few times and we can’t remember going around the board a few times. Heck, if we manage three times we’ll consider ourselves lucky.

The other Monopoly game was just a reel slot. The board game just offered them one trip around and they landed on Boardwalk.

Both of them managed a few bonuses and won a tidy sum. She said that she still loves the three reels, but video slots are her main staple at the casino now.


It Took A While

One player said he was hesitant to play video slots because he thought they were ‘traps’.

In fact, he wanted nothing to do with the video slot games. They roped in players with the beautiful game art, special features, and large jackpots. Then bam!

On the back of that, it took him a while to take the plunge. He said his games were Double Diamond, Red, White, and Blue.

And, his all-time favorite is the popular Mega Moolah slot. I like it when I win the wins I receive will be multiple times my bet.

That was my big payoff. When those U-spin games came out my wife told me to try them out. The ones where there is a wheel on your video screen, you drag the reel to move it.

Shortly after, you let it go for some big spinning momentum. Synched to its spins is a real wheel at the top. Moreover, it lands in the same place as your video wheel.

As an engineer, the technology behind it impressed me. That was my first experience with a video slot. Since it was a good one I gave other video slots a chance.

I now mix it up between video games and slots with reels.


GameArt’s Book of Cupigs Slot Did It For Me

Book of Cupigs won me over! It’s a Valentine slot with oh-so-cute graphics. I like everything about the slot.

In fact, I play it at least twice a week at my favorite online casino. Furthermore, the casino I play it at gives me a few free spins, cashback, and some comps.

I couldn’t pass up those offers. Besides, I also had some nice bonuses on Book of Cupigs already.

That said, reels are still my favorite though. If online casinos release more slots like Book of Cupigs, I’m there!


Progressive Jackpot Video Slots

I’m a sucker for multiple progressive jackpot slot games. I’ve also liked them and when online casinos started offering them I couldn’t resist.

The first progressive jackpot I played was RealTime Gaming’s Megasaur. It offered a staggering jackpot with a few levels.

Initially, I didn’t like the lower-level jackpots that offered basically ‘nothing’. I soon realized that’s how they manufacture progressive slots.

It also dawned on me that the little jackpots triggered often enough which kept my cash flowing.

All I can say is three reels don’t even come close. The thrill is ‘hunting’ for that life-changing jackpot. To me, nothing beats that.

My biggest win was $20,000 on Megasaur and I’ll play it again. I saved a bit of money and I paid off my kid’s bike.


Progressive Jackpot Tips

Whilst we’re on the topic of progressive slot games we might as well share a few pointers with you.

Before you play a progressive slot machine study the paytable. The paytable tells you how many jackpot levels, bonuses and special symbols it has.

Moreover, the RTP, hit frequency, and the maximum win.

Some online casinos for Americans offer a bonus to play progressives.

Granted, they seldom offer them hence the emphasis on ‘few’. Always bet the maximum bet when you play a progressive slots jackpot.

In case you do hit the jackpot, you’ll receive the maximum payout.

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