Rolling Stack Blackjack – How to Play Increases Your Chances of Winning

13 October 2022 4 minutes to read
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Rolling Stack blackjack – how to increase your chances of winning is a must-play blackjack variant. Anyone familiar with online casino betting is familiar with Blackjack.

Moreover, nearly every online casino has a range of Blackjack games that suit both novice and expert players. Blackjack is a card game that uses 52 decks of cards.

Players do not compete against each other but against the dealer. The goal of the blackjack is to get to close 21 or 21.

When the dealer deals you a 21, it’s blackjack! Other names from Blackjack are Twenty One, Pontoon, and Vingt-et-Un in Europe.

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rolling stack blackjack

Regular Rolling Stack Blackjack Betting Tips

When you play Rolling Stack blackjack for real money at the best online casinos in the USA. Make sure you keep the following betting tips in mind:

1. Don’t Split 10’s

While splitting doubles is usually a good idea. It gives you more skin in the game, and you will likely get higher cards. But when you got 2 10s, you already, in all likelihood, have a winning hand. Why take the chance?

2. Double Down On 11

Land eleven, double the bet, and take another card. The chances are good that the next card will hold a value of 10, and you will land with 21.

3. Stick with 12 or 13

It’s not always a bad idea to stick with this hand. A good example is if the dealer’s face-up card is over 4, 5, or 6. Chances are good that the dealer has a 10-value card. Now the turn card forces him to draw a card as he can’t stick under 16.

This will lead to him going bust on a 10 instead of you. It’s best to stick on hand if 11 and over if the dealer shows a weak first card.

4. Avoid Insurance

Don’t place insurance money if the dealer’s first card is an Ace. For the simple reason, it’s not good value for money in the long term.

It is expensive and, over a few hands, not worth the odds of the dealer landing Blackjack. Interestingly we call it the fear-based bet.

5. Play with a Bonus

Not many online casinos that welcome players from the US offer a blackjack bonus. If you’re wondering why it’s because blackjack favors the player and not the house.

In other words, if you use a betting strategy you can swing the odds in your favor. As such, the game weighting of the bonus contributes a fraction of the wagering requirements.

A Site such as Wild Casino is an exception to this rule. Wild Casino offers first-time blackjack players a 100% match bonus of up to $5,000.

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Rolling Stack Blackjack Overview

The latest version of Blackjack is Rolling Spins Blackjack. The difference with this version is that there is a side-bet option to create additional ways to win.

So the basic concept is players need to hope for landing cards in a winning combination.

When a winning combination does occur. You can take down your winnings or tether them to your regular Blackjack bet with a rolling stack. Technically speaking, they increase your odds of landing a big win.

To activate the rolling stack feature you must make a regular Blackjack bet and a rolling stack bet. The dealer deals cards after all bets.

The rolling stack wager wins if the player’s first two cards are as follows:

  • Ace-King
  • Suited Pair
  • Flush Pair
  • Straight

The player that wins the rolling stack bet can collect their winning plus the original bet. Alternatively, they can add the winnings to the standard Blackjack bet to continue playing.

Rolling Stack Blackjack from developer Rival Gaming and offers 97.21% RTP. A statement from the Rival management team stated.

“Rival Gaming is proud to announce the launch of Rolling Stack Blackjack!”. So, whether you are a blackjack expert or not, this new title promises hours of fun and big rewards. Especially to gamblers that enjoy playing casino table games.

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Rolling Stack Blackjack – How to Play Increases Your Chances of Winning

Other Table Games By Rival Gaming

Rival Gaming is fast becoming one of the biggest providers of table games in the online casino sphere. At the moment, they have a bank of around 140 games.

Moreover, their games are broad with various features, themes, and formats. The main domain is slots, but also jackpot games, poker, and table games.

More importantly, Rival also covers a Blackjack multi-hand, American Roulette, European Roulette, and now Rolling Stack Blackjack.


Rolling Stack Blackjack – The Way Forward For Blackjack

Blackjack has come a long way over the decades and will continue developing. We are sure to see many new variations of this much-loved casino classic.

For now, Rolling Stack Blackjack is the latest, most exciting format. Look for a partner to play it at by logging onto

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