Roulette Questions Players Ask Frequently

12 August 2022 3 minutes to read
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We check in with a few of our Roulette players’ Q&A sessions. They gave their consent to share the conversations.

The staff at OnlineCasinos2 loves to share player online experiences with you. We call it casino crowd-learning and receive positive feedback on the knowledge imparted.

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When You Follow Roulette Patterns, It Bites!

Noreen quadrupled her bankroll playing online roulette. “I am new to online USA casinos and always wanted to try ‘the wheel’ online, as I call it.

I played roulette at a live online casino because it’s more aligned to the riverboat casino I know. My first bet was on the 1st 12 slot, and the ball landed on 8 for a win.

The second bet went on the 2nd 12, where the ball fell into the number 19 slot, another win. In my mind, this was a sign that my third bet should be on the 3rd 12 slot.

It made perfect sense to me. A pattern was definitely forming. So when I doubled my third bet on the 3rd 12 for a win, I knew it would be a winning spin.

The ball fell on 30, and I was so happy! I won for the third time in a row. This pattern thing is heaven-sent. I’m always going to place my first three bets there.

Next time I’ll increase my bets. Do you think I’m onto something here?” OCS2 congratulated Noreen on her win. Then, we asked whether she had heard about the ‘Monte Carlo fallacy.’

What is the Monte Carlo Fallacy?

“Noreen, the Monte Carlo Fallacy is another name for the dreaded ‘gamblers’ fallacy. It is precisely what you described.

Gamblers see patterns in anything and most often in a casino. So yes, sometimes the ball lands in some bizarre order, but that’s just a fluke.

We’ve heard of many events where sequences, numbers, or colors repeat. Nevertheless, the mathematical probability of it predicting future results is indeed a fallacy.

Online casinos run all their games on software that guarantees random outcomes. Streaks of patterned results are highly volatile.

When you play European Roulette with one zero on the wheel, all odds are 36 to 1. This is and should be the only constant when the wheel rolls.

You might be on a winning streak, and we’re happy for you. But, please don’t increase your bet size. Instead, try it again with small bets and check whether you’ll get lucky again. Good luck out there.”

Inside Bets Are Better

Manny reasons that roulette’s fixed house edge means all bets are equal. “I mostly run with outside bets when I play online.

They cover larger areas of possible wins and carry the same house edge as inside bets. Although I sometimes bet on the inside, I usually end up losing.

My question is why most experts say it’s better to bet on the inside. I mean, the house edge doesn’t help you because it stays the same for both bets.”

We replied to Manny and thanked him for his insight. “You are correct that roulette mostly runs on a fixed house edge.

Roulette Inside/Outside Bets

There are generally two major categories of betting in the game. The inside and outside bets, with even-money options like even/odd, red/black and more.

Roulette outside bets wins go back and forth. Irrespective of an even or odds bet, your win/loss probability switches between 18 and 20.

Plus, your winnings are lower than inside bets. When you wager an inside bet, it is true that you may land a long losing streak. Nevertheless, when you win a round, the payouts are significant and worth the wait.

Playing an outside bet brings a few early winnings, but the long game will destroy your bankroll. It is not our place to instruct you on what you bet on playing Roulette.

Several professional online roulette players make a living playing outside bets. They are low-risk bets with lower awards, though.

We’ve also heard of a few players who won big playing inside bets. Whatever your personal betting choices are, we are happy to know you are a curious gambler. They make the best winners. So never stop probing and investigating”.


We keep learning from our players and are all the better for it. Irrespective of the Roulette strategies followed by players, we all agree that it is a much-loved game of chance.

All the best online casinos carry hoards of Roulette variants and options. Access them via the table games tab or live-stream a game to the comfort of your own home.

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