The Live Dealer Casino Table Revolution

3 November 2021 5 minutes to read
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Live dealer casino tables, progressives, and live tables technology is moving the pit forward. There’s no doubt that online gaming providers are spreading the table games love. Moreover, the live dealer casino sector is no longer the one-man show of yesteryear. In fact, live casinos online have become a hub of technological innovation and social activity.
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Enhancements to live casino dealer games occur on several fronts. Live gaming studios blend the bells and whistles you find in slot machines with that of live dealer games. Even though table games move at a slower pace than real money slots.

The new products of live casino dealer tables enhance the player experience as well as the house edge. But, more importantly, more and more millennials are moving into the live casino gaming space.


More Live Casinos Bonus

As more online USA casinos begin to venture into the live casino space. The better their casino bonus offers and perks to live dealer casino players will be. From the get-go, the new live dealer casino products are a game-changer.

Players can now cash in on premium poker titles, blackjack side bets, variations of roulette, and baccarat. What’s not to like? Some live casinos are even incorporating progressive live dealer games into their lineup. Bonus Spin Xtreme is a progressive system that’s innovative. Its groundbreaking design sports includes a progressive jackpot. Moreover, its concentric wheels award participating players with a cash prize.

Another interesting thing about Bonus Spin Xtreme is that it offers a single shared progressive jackpot. It’s unique to the live dealer casino online gaming space. As the jackpot gets closer to paying out, so does the anticipation build-up. Can you imagine the buzz at the live dealer table? Whether it’s blackjack, roulette, baccarat, or craps.

If you don’t know how the Bonus Spin Xtreme works, here’s the inside scoop. Live casinos will link every table game to the Bonus Spin Xtreme network. Basically, it’s the same premise as a pool of slots that link to the same progressive jackpot network. Gone are the days where live casino players played for chump change. They can now play for a progressive jackpot that offers a life-changing win.

How Live Casinos Will Drive Table Gaming Revenue

We’ve seen the monetary revolution in the form of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Hence the saying the only thing that is constant is “change”. The live dealer casino table game industry evolved in leaps and bounds over the past few years.

The sole purpose is to not only drive new revenue streams. But, to enhance the overall player experience. Then there’s the new Pax S Single-Deck Shuffler. It incorporates sophisticated and secure card technology.

The bottom line is the Pax S Single-Deck Shuffler can support up to 50 table games with ease. Wow, talk about innovative streaks! Furthermore, the Pax S Single-Deck Shuffler shuffles a deck in less than 36 seconds. Other interesting tweaks include no-peek devices which increase protection from prying eyes.


Why Live Roulette Is So Much Fun

London-based table casino game designer, TCSJohnHuxley introduces a new concept of live roulette. The company dubs it ‘Richer Spin Roulette’. Richer Spin Roulette adds a new twist to roulette with its new side bet.

The new version of roulette showcases a roulette wheel with silver and gold bonus icons. The interesting thing is that the counter rotates to the outer number ring. As such, it allows the two to spin on independently rotating cylinders. This exciting roulette version comes in single, double, and triple zero games.

How does it work? Roulette players can place their bets on a number racetrack that’s adjacent to the traditional roulette grid. The winning bets occur when the number the icons line up with once the roulette wheel stops.

There’s no limit to the number of side bets players can place in this version of live roulette. Remember the gold icon? Well, it pays as much as 300 to 1 on a single wager. While the 9 silver icons pay 100 to 1. What makes the version of live roulette super-exciting. Is that it offers live roulette players more chances for the bigger payout than traditional roulette.

There’s no doubt that live US casinos will love it because players will go batty for it. However, the version of roulette still maintains a strong house edge throughout. Make a mental note of that when you play Richer Spin Roulette online at live casinos.


What About The Evolution Surge?

Evolution Gaming continues to evolve and to leave a digital footprint in the live casino gaming US market. Since the company entered the online casino market live gaming has been part of its DNA. Evolution Gaming upped its craps portfolio with new and exciting versions. It plans on releasing live craps to every jurisdiction within the United States. The pass line, is now, well online! Evolution Gaming’s core live dealer games are blackjack, baccarat, and roulette.

An underground studio of sorts serves as the backdrop for the new live studio. Furthermore, there’s a friendly live dealer craps host at the helm of things. The action is fast. And of course, live craps players will have many opportunities to snag those big wins. The game comes in two forms. The first one is the speak-easy underground and the other is the First-Person Craps. The RNG version comes with a ‘Unique Go Live’ button. What’s not to like?

This new live version of craps might be overwhelming at first to players. Once players get the hang of it, it’s a walk in the park. Or, so to speak at least. Plus, there’s a built-in ‘Easy Mode’

Now, if you don’t want to hang around the fringes of the live craps table. Players can jump right in with ‘My Numbers’. Basically, the live craps give players a ‘hint of sorts’ which number has the best chance of winning.


Why Play Live Dealer Casino Games?

During the height of the Covid 19 pandemic, live dealer casino games became extremely popular in the US. For the simple reason, the live casino online replaced the traditional casino. Even though casinos in the United States opened their doors for business. Players now seek live casino gaming action online more than ever before. We can say with a degree of certainty that we find ourselves in the “New Roaring 20s” of gambling online.

Evolution Gaming creates a new version of live casino craps that speaks to its past. In other words, the visual experience and the atmosphere brings back the iconic theme to players. Other drawcards include multiple camera angles where players can see the dice roll. The interactive live chat with the dealers makes the live craps experience more authentic. It’s almost like the player is standing at the table in the casino.

Players can play live casino craps on their desktops, iOS, and Android phones. The various easy-to-play interface creates a sense of involvement unlike any other casino game online.


Final Word

It’s quite evident that the live dealer casino now appeals to a new breed of player – the Millennial. The social side, new technology, and bigger jackpots are the catalyst that drives the live dealer casino. The time has come where traditional casino play has shifted to a new generation of gamblers, you.

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