Top 10 Blackjack Facts

21 January 2021 4 minutes to read
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Blackjack Has Spanish Origins

The origins of blackjack goes all the way back to Spain. The first records of a similar game date back to the start of the 17th century. They come from the famous author Miguel de Cervantes and have the form of a short story. In it, the writer mentions a game in which the objective is to have a hand worth 21 points. If the player or dealer has more then 21 points they bust.


The Number of Decks Affect the House Edge

Players love to play blackjack because it has a low house edge. It’s worth noting that the house edge increases the more decks you play with. The biggest jump is from one-deck blackjack to two-deck blackjack and it’s worth about 0.29%.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about deciding between six-deck and eight-deck tables. But, more importantly it’s best to play blackjack with as few decks as possible!


Most Players Don’t Use Blackjack Strategies

If you look online, you’ll see various blackjack strategies advertised all over. There are all sorts of websites that will tell you how to play and what decisions you need to make. Most casino players, though, play by intuition and don’t seem to care at all.

That’s why casinos make about 5% off the house edge edge in blackjack. In roulette, everyone gets the same house edge. In blackjack, though, bad players screw themselves by not using any strategy at all.


There’s Is A Blackjack Hall of Fame

Even blackjack has its own hall of fame. It honors all the blackjack experts, writers, or mathematicians. The blackjack hall of fame started at the end of 2002 in California. It has quite a few members, of which the famous Al Francesco is one of its first inductees.

There Are More Advantage Play Methods

Card counting is the big advantage play method that most blackjack fans know about. It takes a lot of time to learn. Moreover, movies and books made it even more popular. Card counting is not the only trick you can use in blackjack.

If you’re up for the challenge, you can use the difficult shuffle tracking technique. With it, you can track sets of cards through shuffles. It enables you to tell with some precision which cards will come up. That should give you an edge over the casino and allow you to beat the game. If you’d like something easier, try ace sequencing. The latter options is about looking for aces.


Your Goal Isn’t to Get Close to 21

When thinking about blackjack, most players believe that their goal is to get close to 21. That’s the wrong style of thinking. The goal is to beat the dealer in a hand. If the dealer busts, it doesn’t matter what cards you have. That’s why the best strategies suggest you stand most of the time. The problem is newbie blackjack players keep on hitting – don’t do that!


You Can’t Beat Blackjack Online

No matter how hard you try you cannot beat online blackjack. You can beat blackjack in land based casinos and even make a living out of the game. None of the techniques that work in real life work at online casino tables. This includes both regular ones and the new live casinos that USA online casinos offer.

In online blackjack, you cannot use tricks like card counting or shuffle tracking. That’s because casinos shuffle the decks after every hand. In addition, it makes tracking tracking impossible.

What you can do is to revert back to the best blackjack strategy charts. Besides, the game’s house edge is below one percent. That’s way less than what you can get in most other online casino games!


How Other Players Play Doesn’t Affect You Much

Many blackjack fans believe that how other players play influences their results. The most infamous position in blackjack is the anchor. The anchor blackjack player receives his or her cards last. Moreover, the anchor is the last player to place his bets. Thanks to this, his or her actions determine what the dealer does. Therefore, it makes him an easy target for all the other players seated at the table.

For every bad play that will cost you a hand; there will be a bad play that will win you a hand. That’s why you shouldn’t be too concerned about your fellow players. If you don’t know how to play well, stay out of the anchor position. It’s the most stressful position in blackjack.


Insurance Bets Aren’t That Great

Many blackjack dealers offer players insurance bets, we suggest you take them. In most cases it’s not worth taking insurance bets. The math however is better since it offers a decent house edge. That means that you lose money (in theory) every time you take an insurance bet.

Bear in mind, it excludes card counting. If you use advantage play techniques of any kind insurance bets can work in your favor mathematically.


Blackjack Is The Most Popular Casino Table Game

Ages ago, roulette was the most popular casino table game and craps short on its heels. Blackjack hit its stride only in the middle of the 20th century. Ever since word got out that you can beat the casino at blackjack. Players started experimenting even swearing by some techniques.

You’ll see many full blackjack tables in land casinos and it’s no wonder. Even then, casual players are still better off playing roulette. Unlike blackjack, you don’t need to know anything about roulette to get a low house edge.

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