Top 5 Online Casino Bankroll Rules

21 January 2021 4 minutes to read
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Online casino players can play hundreds of online casino games. There are so many games that you can spend entire days playing. There’s one problem that many casual online casino players face, though. We’re talking about money here, of course. Whenever a losing streak hits, it’s quickly over for most of them. Then, they have to deposit again or even wait for a while before they can do that.

If you use a good bankroll management system, you’ll run into such issues way less often. There are many articles about how bankroll management works, of course. We don’t want to repeat all the basic ideas here. If you’ve been around for a while, you’re already tired and bored by them. Instead, we’ll give you the top 5 online casino bankroll rules. If you internalize them, losing your entire deposit won’t be a regular occurrence anymore!


Never Deposit Money You Can’t Lose

This is the first rule of every online casino bankroll rule book. It can’t be stressed enough, though, so we’re including it here as well. Depositing money that you’ve set aside for a different reason is such a big no-no that you shouldn’t even think about it.

It’s this rule that gets so often broken and it’s this rule that leads many online casino fans to financial problems. If you can’t trust yourself but still want to play, there are two good options. You can play for free credits or play money – that way, you’ll be able to experience almost everything with no risk at all. Alternatively, you can set yourself some limits. All the best USA online casinos have that functionality and there’s no shame in using it!


Don’t Sit Down With Everything You Have

It’s never a good idea to sit down with your entire bankroll. You can’t avoid doing that online all the time, of course, as your entire bankroll will be displayed. You should at least split it mentally, though, and set a stop loss that’s not lower than one half of your entire bankroll.

That way, you’ll keep your losses at least somewhat under control. You should never lose more than half of your bankroll in a single session, you see. If you do, it’s high time to take a break, as it will be hard to stay focused and without frustration. Breaks are seriously undervalued and overlooked in online casino gaming. Most players just keep going no matter what and end up bankrupting themselves. You can be smarter, though!


Plan Ahead

It’s easy to make a lot of bad decisions in the heat of the game. That’s why it’s important to make some plans ahead of the time. When you’re about to make a deposit, make some plans about your bet sizes, which games you’ll play, etc.

It’s important to take the volatility of the games into account. If you’ll play games with low volatility, you can afford to play with higher bets. If you’ll play games with high volatility, on the other hand, you need to be more conservative. We’ve already talked about stop losses and you need to think about those as well. Have a cut-off point for your sessions so that you won’t get frustrated.

It’s a good idea to have a stop win point as well. Winning a jackpot or a big payout bet several times in a row is rare, true. You should know what you’d do in case that happens, though. If you do, you’ll have a chance of not making any rash decision if the luck goes your way and something fancy happens!


Always Set Money Aside After a Big Win

It’s always a great feeling to get a big win. It doesn’t even matter what casino game you play at the time – a good roulette win can be as satisfying as an online slot jackpot. There’s a mistake that you need to avoid, though.

Most players increase their stakes immediately after a big win. They think they can afford it after such a boost and perhaps also that they are on a winning streak that will last. Getting a big win won’t make the house edge go away, though. The more you’ll play after the win, the more likely you’ll be to lose it all. You’ll even lose it more quickly if you decide to go for bigger bets.

Instead of increasing your bet size, you should set a decent sum aside after a big win. That way, you’ll get some much-needed buffer for whenever a losing streak occurs. If you aren’t focused enough to just set the money aside, withdraw it instead – it’s always safer in your bank account than in your online casino bankroll!


Don’t Play When You Are Tilted

Tilt is a big topic in all forms of gaming and online casino games are no different. If you feel frustrated, you shouldn’t risk any real money. When you can’t focus, you’re bound to make all kinds of mistakes. You’ll be making wrong decisions, you’ll be increasing your bet sizes to chase losses, etc.

It’s impossible to stay disciplined when tilted as well, so take a break instead. For some players, a few minutes away from the screen will be enough. Other players will need a much larger break, but it doesn’t matter. Don’t come back to the tables until you are refreshed and focused – your bankroll will thank you!


Final Word

Having a good bankroll management system can be hard for online casino newcomers. It doesn’t get easier without practice either. That’s why so many players struggle with it even after they’ve played for a while. It’s so tempting to bet a bit more than one rationally knows he or she can afford.

If you learn how to play disciplined, though, you’ll be handsomely rewarded. You won’t have to deposit so often, you’ll have a better chance of getting a good run and you won’t run out of cash after a single losing streak!

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