Top 5 Video Poker Tips

16 February 2021 4 minutes to read
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Video poker is one of the most popular online casino games. The most secure casinos for American players list a nice variety of video poker machines. It’s one of those casino games where a smart player can literally take the house to the cleaners! Hang with us, we’ve got five tips that all video poker fans should know about!

1. Learn All the Video Poker Rules

Before you start playing a video poker machine, make sure you understand its rules. There are many video poker machines online so make sure you know the variant you want to play. The truth is they can be confusing. Sure, the basics are the same for most video poker variants, but the differences can be crucial.

It’s a good idea to take it one video poker machine at a time. If you try to play more than one in a single session; you can lose your concentration easily. If you want to play video poker well know poker hand ranking. Moreover, make sure you hold the right cards! If the machine deals you three Aces – hold the three Aces and get rid of the other two cards. Unless you receive a Full House of course. Furthermore, check out online casino games you can beat.

Video poker is almost like blackjack in many respects. You need to know the rules inside out to be a great video poker player. Only then will you stand a chance against the USA online casinos!

2. Start with the Easier Video Poker Machines

If you are a newcomer to video poker, know that video poker machines vary in terms of difficulty. Some are hard to play and require a lot of sharp decisions. Some have high volatility, which means that wins are hard to get.

When you start, make sure you play a video poker game that’s easy to understand. More importantly, a video poker game that’s easy on your bankroll too. Jacks or Better is the ideal choice for beginner video poker players. It has a simple pay structure and easy-to-follow guidelines. Jacks or Better video poker also offers low volatility action, so you’ll win often. That’s great, as it’s hard to lose an entire bankroll at Jacks or Better. Even, if you make a lot of bad decisions.

3. Look for Video Poker Machines with the Highest Payout Percentages

Once you start playing video poker seriously. Focus on video poker machines with the highest payout percentages. Video poker is one of the few casino games that you can beat with the perfect video poker strategy. You’ll need to play only certain video poker machines. Also, make sure that they have payout percentages above 100%. You’ll need to play for full credits as well to get there.

Now, which video poker machines should you look for? The two main video poker options in this respect are Deuces Wild and Joker Wild (Kings or Better). Deuces Wild video poker offers – in the best form – a theoretical RTP of 100.76%. Joker Wild (Kings or Better) video poker offers an RTP of 100.65%.

Those are great values and ones very few casino games online can match. This is the reason why video poker is so popular. So many casino fans have it among their favorite casino games. You have to look for specific video poker machines, though. The vast majority of video poker games have a high house edge. That means that you cannot win against them in the long term, even if you play perfectly.

You can get very good video poker machines at the best USA online casinos as well. It’s not easy to find one with a 100%+ payout percentage. Even then, you’ll have no issues finding one that pays better than almost all other online casino games; blackjack and baccarat included.

4. Know Your Video Poker Strategies

Video poker is an online casino game that requires skill. There are decisions for you to make all the time and that means that you have to play well. It’s hard to figure out the right decisions on your own. That’s why most video poker players lose way more than they should. This is a catch blackjack comes with as well. The house edge can be low or even negative. Players that don’t know what to do will always get an awful deal mathematically.

Therefore, you need to know what the right strategy is for the game you play. There are charts available online for all the popular video poker games. You can learn those even while playing video poker at the best USA online casinos. Learning them by heart is how you can get the best results. Also, you’ll be able to use them even in land-based casinos. Note, they don’t allow players to use charts.

5. Use Online Video Poker Tools

If you want to get the most out of your online video poker ventures, look for online video poker tools. They will distract you a bit and slow the action down by a lot. They can help you make many better decisions, though. That will improve your results, so it’s worth it for most casino players.

If you want to be serious, you should have access to at least two video poker tools. Video poker strategy charts are the first and you should keep them printed out. If you can’t do that, have them bookmarked in your website browser. That way, you’ll be able to get to them in no time when necessary.

If you want, you can also use video poker hand calculators. Those are easier to use than strategy charts, as you just enter your hand and get a recommendation. It’s more time consuming, but it’s definitely worthwhile. Most video poker hand calculators will tell you the mathematics behind the various hands. Therefore, it’s always good to know them.

Video poker bankroll calculators can then be useful as well. If you don’t want to spend any time studying bankroll management, use a bankroll calculator instead. It will tell you all about your risk of ruin and how much you should stake per hand!

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