What Are Advantage Play Methods?

22 January 2021 4 minutes to read
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Many casino fans dream of beating the casinos. To do so, what are the legitimate methods that you can use in casino games that count in your favor?

In this article, we’ll give you an overview of the most important advantage play methods. To beat an online casino in the USA consistently requires hard work. The satisfaction of beating a exotic casino games is worth it in the end.


Card Counting

Card counting is the most famous advantage play method. Players can use this card counting strategy in most table games. The strategy remains very popular with blackjack. It’s about tracking cards that are still in the deck and which will appear over the next couple of hands. Whenever a card appears, you increase or decrease your “count”. This count always gives you an idea about whether the remaining cards are high or low.

If they are high, the card counter increases his or her bets. That’s because high cards favor the player in many ways. The upshot is that a natural blackjack is one of them. If the remaining cards are mostly low, the card counter decreases his or her bets. The player might even leave the table altogether and sit out. Low cards favor the casino, so it’s best to avoid them.

If you play blackjack with a basic blackjack strategy; you can reduce the house edge to 0.5%-1%. The specific value depends on the specific rules and conditions, including the number of used decks. If you use card counting well, you can get the edge on your side. In the ideal case for the casino, the house edge can be as high as 2%!


Shuffle Tracking and Ace Sequencing

Shuffle tracking is another advantage play method that tracks card in some way. It’s not about keeping a count, however. It’s about tracking groups of cards during play and then following them through the shuffle. Once the dealer shuffles the decks you need to play smart to reduce the edge.

Ace sequencing is a form of shuffle tracking that doesn’t care about groups of cards. Instead, it’s all about focusing on aces and when the dealer will deal them. Aces are the best cards for players in blackjack. You can get a 50.43% advantage if you know when you’ll receive an Ace on your first hand.

Shuffle tracking is tougher to learn than card counting. You need to have excellent visual skills, but there are advantages as well. Shuffle trackers are harder to identify than card counters. As such casinos don’t always find them.


Edge Sorting

Edge sorting is an advantage play method that has players observing the backs and edges of the cards. Although the backs and edges of cards in a pack should be identical. There can be tiny differences at times.

Smart players can exploit them. However, if the dealers are smart enough they’ll regularly rotate and shuffle the cards. If the casino uses an automatic shuffler it also weeds out edge sorting. Manual shuffling can rotate them back, and you can lose your edge as a result.

Edge sorting is difficult, because you need to be able to play with cards the aforementioned covers. Whenever such packs appear on the market and once casinos identify them. They’ll stop using them immediately.


Hole Carding

Hole carding is a technique where players look at face-down cards. It’s one of the hardest advantage play methods, but it has many advantages. It can give you a massive edge in many card casino games. It’s also difficult for online casinos to spot it. Therefore, players can easily get away with it.

There are many things you can do try to spot a certain card. If there are no peeking devices try to spot the card whenever the dealer is not looking. It also helps if you have a partner with a better view than you. Once he or she has seen the card. They can communicate the card he or she saw. Front-loading is another possibility. It entails looking at the cards whenever they’re sliding around under the upcard in blackjack.

It’s worth noting that you don’t need to see entire cards to gain an advantage. If you see a card with no pip in the corner; you can narrow it down to a 2, 3, or an ace. If there is a pip in the corner; it’s a card between 4 and 10, which is another valuable data point. Even such minor data points can dictate plays.


Roulette Wheel Tracking

If you aren’t into card casino games, you can try roulette wheel tracking. That’s an advantage play method for roulette and one that has a decent history. It’s hard to use it nowadays since casinos suppress it.

Roulette wheel tracking tries to identify hidden patterns on roulette wheels that have a slight biase. It requires a lot of work and analysis. If you can find a biased roulette wheel, it’s easy to take advantage of it.

The issue with this method is that roulette wheels are now better than ever. High-profile casinos also move them around, so you can’t return to the same roulette wheel over and over again.


Final Word

Advantage play methods like card counting, edge sorting and hole carding give you a mathematical edge. In most games, blackjack included, enables you to get a solid profit over time. There are no advantage play methods that you can use online at the best USA casinos. If you want to learn them, your best bet is to visit land based casinos.

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