What Are Random Number Generators at Online Casinos?

12 October 2021 3 minutes to read
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Random number generators – or RNGs – play an integral role in real money casino games USA slots online casinos. In a nutshell, the RNG is responsible for keeping payouts fair. Yet, many players don’t have a clue what an RNG does. Moreover, why random number generators at online casinos must be there. We tell you more about random number generators at USA online casinos!


What Is a Random Number Generator?

A random number generator is an algorithm that generates random numbers. They aren’t completely random to be fair. That’s because real randomness is not easy to create. Instead, they are pseudo-random, which does the job just as well for all practical purposes. They use algorithms and seeds to keep churning out unique numbers. The RNG keeps on producing new seeds at online casinos to prevent hacking.


Why Do USA Online Casinos Use Random Number Generators?

USA online casinos somehow need to generate the outcomes of their casino games. That means which cards will come up, where the reels will stop, which numbers will land, etc. Since there’s no way of shuffling cards just like there is in real life; a computing algorithm must do it. That’s where RNGs come in.


Are Random Number Generators Fair?

Random number generators that legit USA online casinos use are fair and regularly tested. Independent testing firms like Technical Systems Testing ensure that the casino games offer random payouts. License providers don’t issue licenses to USA casinos that don’t test the RNGs of their games.

Basically, RNGs provide fair outcomes and don’t give the casino a different house edge than advertised. This applies to table games, card games, and even online slots.

The bottom line is that you should always look for licenses when looking for a new USA online casino. If the casino has an official license from an offshore provider. Or a state license from a US state, the online casino in the US is legit. Real money casino slots don’t have stacked outcomes. Your wins and losses, therefore, depend only on luck!


How About Cheating and Random Number Generators?

As we’ve already said, random number generators are fair at legal USA online casinos. That doesn’t mean that you’ll get the same fair experience everywhere.

Rogue online casinos, for example, can cheat in several ways. Many of them simply don’t pay out back to the players. Some, however, choose to manipulate their RNGs instead. For example, one online casino had the outcomes of its craps tables stacked in its favor. A player knowledgeable in statistics shook the entire online casino gaming industry!

Also, there have been cases where hackers exploited the RNGs of casino games. There’s even been a case of a guy working for a gambling board who exploited the RNG for monetary gain. If you’re interested, you can read more about Ronald Dale Harris. Casinos banned him for life.


How Do Random Number Generators Work in Live Games?

Now – you might be asking how exactly random number generators work at live dealer tables. If you’ve played at them, you know that these games aren’t completely digital. They use real cards, for one, and the dealers handle them. That means that the algorithms don’t decide their outcomes.

Instead, live dealer tables work more or less in the same way as games in land-based casinos. There’s a big difference though. The live casino dealers shuffle the decks of the card games after each hand. That means that you can’t use card counting strategies.

All these methods undergo rigorous testing but there’s an oversight, too. This is where the license providers come in again. Moreover, providers of live dealer games like Evolution Gaming offer players numerous camera angles. That’s to give players the assurance that everything live dealer game is completely transparent.


Final Word

Random number generators play an important role in online casino gaming. They determine the outcome of spin when you play slots for real money. This isn’t true for live dealer games since the real dealers, cards or the roulette wheels determine the outcome. Land-based casinos use them to keep the outcomes fair and random.

As long as you play at our best USA online casinos, you won’t have to worry about fair RNGs. The best real money casinos we work with are legal because they have licenses. For more info, check out online casino reviews. You’ll learn everything about the different USA casinos. Which real money casino games they offer, casino bonuses, support, and rewards.

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