What’s The Difference Between Low, Medium and High variance Slots?

2 September 2021 4 minutes to read
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Online slots come in many shapes and sizes. They have various themes, bonuses, RTPs, hit rates and their jackpots vary. Moreover, slots for real money studios divide slots into low, medium, and highly volatile.

Remember, you can find all variance slots at our legal USA online casinos. Be it state USA casinos or offshore online casinos the US, make sure to check out our online slot reviews. There, you’ll get all the info you’ll ever need. That includes info about which online slots those casinos offer!


Slots Online With Different Volatility

Low Variance Online Slots

Players play low variance slots if they want to have fun. When you want a bit of entertainment these slots have small jackpots, but high RTPs and high hit rates. The wins tend to be low on average, but they come often enough.

This means you won’t go through big bankroll swings. Also, you can increase your average bets a bit without risking a lot. If you want to clear a casino bonus, these slots are ideal for that. Just to give you an example, Betsoft’s Jungle Stripes is a great low variance slot. We played it a bit at 24K Casino with $100 and we even managed a profit of $20! The jackpot of the slot machine online is 500x your bet, but the RTP is above 97.03%.

chilli heat megaways slot by pragmatic play

Medium Variance Online Slots

Medium variance online slots are in the middle of the bunch. You can relax a bit, but you can also win some serious cash with these games. The jackpots aren’t massive, but they aren’t low either. The same goes for the average payouts as well. You’ll keep winning frequently, but the occasional streak will hit – for the better or worse.

With these slots, you should keep your stakes on your standard level. This means 1/150-1/300 your bankroll. These are the “default” slots, so to say, so bet accordingly. One medium variance slot that we recently played was Mr. Macau from Betsoft. We played it at MYB Casino and won $53 in total after a session.

It wasn’t without a few bumps along the road. That’s how these medium variance slots work here and there. They can be relaxing for the most part, but they can go to extremes once in a while. That’s why discipline is key when it comes to bankroll management. It’s not as calm an affair as low variance slots!


High Variance Online Slots

High variance online slots are for players that want to win big. If you mean business and play to win, these are the slots you should be after. They are high-risk, high-reward!

High variance online slots at USA casinos online have the biggest jackpots. Sometimes, they even have progressive jackpots that can reach insane amounts. RTG slots are particularly well-known in this regard. If you don’t mind taking a risk; play high variance slots.

Note, you’ll experience a few dry spins before you receive a winning spin. When we played RTG’s high variance slot, Sparky 7 at Sloto Cash. We lost $60 quickly. Moreover, we managed a few wins of 30x the stake. Thereafter, we received plenty of non-winning spins. Alas, this happens when you play slots that are volatile!

Valuable Tips When You Play Slots

No matter which variance is your pick, make sure to gamble responsibly. Most importantly, don’t chase your losses. This is a common mistake, but it leads to awful results. Unless you get lucky right away, you’ll squander your entire bankroll.

If you want to be on the safe side of things, take advantage of the various slot features. Use the Auto Play to select how many spins you want to go through. Auto Play options allow you to set stakes for all spins, so you can’t vary them in-between.

That means you won’t make any bad decisions. You can even set win limits and loss limits if you want to. Suffice to say that it’s a good idea to do so. And remember, when you win big, cash out your winnings. Think about what you’ll do with them only once they’re a bank in your bank account. That way, you’ll be able to make a calm decision without any emotions.

Also, don’t forget to have at least 3 active accounts at different USA online casinos. That way, you’ll always have access to the slots you want to play. As soon as real money slot studios release them. If you don’t know which casinos to choose from, take a look at our online casino reviews!


Final Word

If you want to improve your online slot gaming, it’s good to know what the online slot variances mean. With this in mind, you can always choose the slot that’s best for the situation. Want to win big? High variance slots are the best especially if you chasing the big wins.

Want to sit back and relax instead? Then look for low variance slots like Betsoft’s Jungle Stripes at our top USA online casinos. Also, make sure to check out our online slot reviews to get info on all the new releases!


FAQs What’s The Difference Between Low, Medium, and High variance Slots?

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The differences in online slot variances tell you what to expect payout-wise. Pick the online slot with the variance that fits your casino budget the best. Low variance slots are the most relaxing because they won’t chew up your bankroll. Above all, you can play them for hours on end with pennies.

With low variance slots, you can sit back and not worry too much. These slots have low jackpots, but the payouts are frequent and dry runs are few and far between. This means smaller swings, so you can enjoy relaxing sessions without the risk of losing big. These slots are also ideal for fulfilling bonus wagering requirements. So, if you like play slots for pennies the casino’s bonus money is perfect!

Medium variance slots are the bread and butter of online slot gaming. There are many at our legal USA online casinos and they allow you to win big without too many worries. Their jackpots are good and the payouts can be big as well. The dry runs and streaks are bigger than in low variance slots, though, so take care.

Players looking to win big jackpots should play high variance slot machines. These come with the biggest jackpots, even progressive jackpots that offer millions of dollars. US casinos online often list these slots at the top of their games libraries and for a good reason. It’s good to use conservative bankroll management with these real money casino games.