What’s The KISS Attack Playing Casino Games?

14 January 2022 4 minutes to read
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“KISS” is the abbreviation for ‘Keep It Super Simple Stupid‘. When it comes to playing casino games at the best online casinos in the USA, it’s spot on.

The other day whilst playing slots for real money, one of our team members harped on this.

Since our visitors to Onlinecasinos2.com are special to us. We’ll pop the hood on why you should always use KISS when you play casino games online.


How Much Must I Bet?

1. Small Bets

When you use the KISS formula there are three ways to place your bets. You can play with small bets which is perfect if you’re a casual player.

We also call it taking it easy, and of course, learning the ropes. However, some players will argue that playing for small bets is not worth it. We beg to differ though.

Once you’re familiar with the game’s RTP, and general payouts, you can increase your bets.


2. You Can Increase Your Bets

The other option is to increase your average bets from the start. Unless you’re an expert at playing slots, we don’t recommend it.

You’re ‘chasing the dragon’! It won’t be long before the game burns your bankroll to cinders. Can you see why we call it chasing the dragon?

Clearly, the second option is the riskiest of the lot. You either go in big or you go home.


3. Playing it Safe

The other and most sensible option of the lot is to place bets you are comfortable with. If you hit a bad streak your bankroll will survive it.

As a result, players that play it safe are usually smart players. Cold streaks don’t have an effect on them because they know exactly what to expect.

In other words, they know that the house always wins over the long run. They use a betting strategy and they know when to call it quits.

It’s clear as daylight that the third option is the way to bet. It makes sense and it’s a fun way to play.


How To Play The Games

Risking your money at an online casino entails a few things. It’s not how much you bet but how you place your bets.

If you use a sensible betting strategy the better your odds of winning. Time is math to the casinos which translates into money.

Unfortunately, the math does not favor players! The how of how you play can turn the tables on the casinos.

twister wilds real money

Why Placing The Right Bets Is Important

Keep in mind, a good method of placing your bets won’t necessarily guarantee you a win. What it does is that it limits your losses over the long term.

When we play slots online we use a betting strategy that works for us. This didn’t come easy but through years of online gambling experience.

We learned to minimize our losses by taking a few things into account. First, we check out the instant bonuses online casinos offer.

Next in line, we play slots with plenty of bonuses, high RTPs, and hit frequencies. If we’re feeling lucky, we’ll play high variance slot games like RTGs, Twister Wilds.

Moreover, we’ll time our sessions via the Auto Play Feature.


Avoid Bogus Betting Strategies

Since we focus primarily on playing slots for real money at online casinos. We receive plenty of letters to our Inbox from players who swear they’ve figured it all out.

One particular gentleman told us that the ‘iron cross’ betting strategy in craps is a surefire way to win. Perhaps this guy is ripe for an audit from the IRS.

Anyhow, don’t fall for stuff like that, you’re looking for trouble. It doesn’t matter which casino game you play; ignore the advice from experts.

Especially, if they want to sell their betting strategy based on idiosyncratic formulations. After all, why sell something for money if it really works?


Specific How’s Playing Certain Games

Players really good at blackjack will try and play as slow as possible. They’ll play at full tables which reduces the number of decisions they have to make.

Now, if you’re a craps player, only play games with the lowest house edge. More to the point, avoid all the Crazy Crapper bets and bet on the outside numbers.

To maximize your earning potential by playing Craps. Play the Pass Line and Come Bets.

Alternatively, if you can stand the heat from the other players, bet on the don’t pass or don’t come bets. As none Craps players it sounds funny to us since we’re not experts at the game.

Keep your bets low because this helps you to ride out the bad hands. If you play roulette online for real money. Make single bets inside, even better, go for the outside even money bets.

There’s no doubt that KISS is the perfect betting strategy for us. Obviously, there’s far more to it than what we discussed here. The gist of it all is to keep it simple – pun willfully intended.

We wish you the best, in and out of the online casinos!

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