10 Reasons Why Online Casinos Are Better Than Land Casinos

14 January 2021 4 minutes to read
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Online casinos are all the rage these days and their popularity continues to grow. Especially now that a large part of the globe remains in lockdown. Now, what makes online casinos in America better than their land-based cousins? Onlinecasinos2.com piece 10 valid reasons why online casinos top land casinos.

1. You Can Play 24/7

Land based casinos typically have business hours that they adhere to. There are casinos in big cities, chances are that there isn’t one available locally. Online casinos don’t care about what time it is. They are open 24/7. You can play your favorite slots for real money whenever you want to.


2. You Can Play From Anywhere

With land based casinos, you must be there to play their games. Casino sites online are accessible from anywhere. You only need a stable internet connection and you can play on your laptop for anywhere. Moreover, you can play on the go thanks to mobile casinos and mobile casino apps.

Our most secure American sites support Android, iOS, and tablet devices. All you need to do is to get in there and start playing.


3. Better Bonuses and Promotions

Although land based casinos offer perks to loyal players. They’re a far cry from what the best US casinos offer. With online casino bonus codes and promotions. Players can get thousands of dollars in free cash to boost their bankrolls. There are sign up bonuses, reload bonuses and even loyalty programs that rewards loyal depositors with extra perks.

You can jump between online casinos for extra bonuses and promotions. The crux of the matter is these spectacular offers don’t exist at land based casinos. Sure, they’ll treat you big time if you’re a VIP player. They’ll offer you free drinks, or maybe a free hotel room. Online casinos have offers where it matters the most – your pocket!


4. No Social Stuff to Worry About

Casino players tend to like playing alone. That can be hard to accomplish in real live casino. For the simple reason when you play a slot machine in a land casino; there’s always someone sitting next you. With online casinos, it’s just you and the game you play.

Furthermore, online casino players are more informed. Unlike land casino players, they know which games to play and they’re not as superstitious.

Consequently, there are no dress codes online. No scantilly clad waitresses with plunging necklines to distract you, nothing. That’s how online casinos roll and we know most casino fans only prefer it that way. Online casinos don’t pressure high rollers into spending more money. They gladly accept them just the way they are.


5. It’s Simpler

Playing in a land based casino can be surprisingly stressful. Once you get there, you must buy chips. Look around for the best games to play. And, if you won cash out your chips when you leave. Land casinos have security concerns too.

Players who win plenty of money in a land casino are afraid that someone might rob them. Thank heavens this is not the case when you gamble online at casinos. Then again make sure you don’t sign up at a rogue casino.

With online casinos the entire process is right down to the brass tacks. Do you feel like playing a new online slot? All you need to do is click on the casino’s link. Your chips will be there from the last time. The casino uses the best security algoruthms money can buy. Online casinos clear player wins within a few hours some even within minutes.

Also, more and more countries are imposing strict regulations on casinos. That can mean filling papers, forms, paying tax and so on. Registering an account at casinos that accepts Americans takes a minute or two.


6. More Games to Play

Land based casinos don’t always have enough dealers and space might be a problem. That means they offer a limited number of games and tables. Virtual casinos don’t have this problem. They host hundreds of online slots and casino classic tables easily. Therefore, you can always play the game you want!

The live casino tables at casinos US have no shortage of tables during peak hours. No matter which time of the day you decide to play live roulette or blackjack. There’s always an open seat at the table.


7. You Can Play for Free

Sometimes, you might feel like zoning out for a while and playing some casino games with no risks. Land based casinos won’t allow you to occupy their tables if you don’t have any chips, however. So what can you do?

Well, online casinos can come to your rescue yet again. You can play almost all online casino games for free with free credits or play money. That means without risking any cash and without all the stress that comes with it. You can play for as long as you want as well, since there are free and unlimited re-buys.


8. No Distractions

If you’re new to casinos, you may find it hard to focus in a land based casino. There’s a lot going on in the background at all times. Flashing lights, live bands, social interactions, you name it. It can be quite tough to focus on blackjack decisions and roulette bets under such circumstances.

When you gamble online you can play in complete silence. Whether it’s on your laptop in front the TV or in your bedroom. Your home literally becomes a casino!


9. Guaranteed Payout Percentages

Although both land based and online casinos have licenses and jurisdictions like Curacao regulate them. All the info about the casino games online such as the payouts and RTPs are available. Private companies like TST conduct monthly audits to ensure that the random number generators remain safe. More importantly, the RTPs of online slots are way higher than the slot machines in brick and mortar casinos.


10. More Competition

Land casinos compete against other local casinos. Online casinos, on the other hand compete against thousands of other casinos. We don’t have to tell you that it’s almost like a warzone out there. Which explains why the deals casinos online offer you are so much better. Every single cyber casino competes for one thing only, and that’s your business.

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