Why RNG is Important at Online Casinos

30 November 2022 < 1 minute to read
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Knowledgeable gamblers who play casino games for real money know what the RNG or random number generator is. There are some players that don’t know what it means, and they often ignore it.

This article explains to you what a Randon Number Generator or RNG is, and why it’s important. Without a random number generator, the games at online casinos will never be fair.

Let’s just say that the RNG is the watchdog of sorts, and any reputable online casino uses it.

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What is a Random Number Generator or RNG?

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Random Number Generator

The word RNG is the abbreviation for random number generator. When you play slots for real money, a random spin produces a sequence or random number of events.

In other words, that ensures a random outcome, even for card games like blackjack, or dice games like craps.


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How Does the RNG Work?

The RNG in online casino games uses pseudo-random numbers with a seed value. As the seed value they determine the spin on a slot machine within milliseconds

Interestingly, the RNG produces an outcome between 1 and trillions within a split second.

Before you even pressed the spin button the game already decided the outcome. The funny thing is it does that even if you don’t play the game.

Next time you play a casino game keep the RNG in mind. Our legit online casinos list hundreds of games which use an RNG.


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The Importance of RNG

By now you know that any virtual casino game produces a random result thanks to the RNG. It’s safe to say that the outcome is unpredictable.

There is snake oil salesman that proclaim that they’ve invented a software to predict the outcome of a game. Don’t fall for their schemes, because there is no such software.

Besides, if you use any software that can ‘beat the casino games’, online casinos will pick it up immediately. It’s like using a chess engine when you play chess against someone.

So, can we say with certainty that the RNG in online casino games is fair? Yes, every random result is 100% fair, and they give you the best possible shake.

Legit online casinos like Wild Casino have licenses in reputable jurisdictions. In return, the licensing bodies compel them to software providers like Betsoft and Dragon Gaming.

They are legitimate companies with years of experience and a trustworthy reputation.


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Fair and Transparent Gaming?

Whether you play casino games for real money at land casinos or online, a RNG is in charge of things. Online testing companies like TST and iTech Labs specialize in testing the RNG of the games of software providers.

Next time you play casino games at online casinos look for the TST badge at their footers. They test the randomness of the games periodically. It can be every 3 or 6 months.

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Games that Use the RNG

The next time you play games for real money at online casinos rest assured that they don’t rig their games. This section takes a peek at the different casino apps that uses a random number generator.

Online Slots

When you click the spin button, the random number already decided the outcome when you play slots online. More to the point, it generates a sequence of numbers with a variety of symbols in certain positions.


In blackjack the RNG works in a similar fashion. The difference however is the RNG focuses exclusively on the shuffling of the cards.

This guarantees that every hand in blackjack is unpredictable and fair.

Online Bingo

Once you picked your numbers in online bingo and you hit draw, the RNG jumps into action. It creates a set of random results that depicts a bunch of bingo numbers.

Do Live Dealer Casinos Use RNGs?

Live dealer casinos don’t use RNGs. The live croupiers or the dealers are responsible for dealing the cards and their outcome.

You can experience the action up close and in real-time thanks to several cameras. It’s like playing against the dealer in a real casino without being there.

Since live dealer games don’t use a random number generator, know the rules, and odds of each hand appearing. You can use a gambling strategy that will help you to win more money as well.

Verdict: Why RNG is Important at Online Casinos

Can you see why the RNG is important when it comes to gambling online? We certainly can. If there’s no RNG, playing games for real money at online casinos will be a disaster, right?

The RNG keeps the ship on an even keel and out of choppy waters. As such, it guarantees casino gamblers that the site is transparent and that there’s no foul play.

The random number generator is not just some pretty word software providers use for the sake of using it. There’s a reason for it.

Now that you know what the RNG is you’ll know why online casinos and expert players keep harping on it.

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