Why Should You Play Video Poker?

14 January 2022 4 minutes to read
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For the most part, we devote this space to online slots for real money. We’d like to broaden our scope by incorporating all the gaming machines into our burgeoning repertoire.

Yes, this includes the indomitable casino game of video poker. As you know by now, we play online slots and lots of them!

However, if your goal is to attain the best overall percentage for your dollars, play video poker. If you haven’t played video poker for money before, you should check it out.

video poker

Video Poker is a Great Alternative to Slots

You won’t find all the bells and whistles in video poker like you would in a slot machine. In other words, the eye-popping visuals, arresting themes, and generous bonuses.

The idea of video representations of cards in a continuous game of draw poker seems like a boring idea. Then again, what is the actual appeal of video poker?

In all seriousness, video poker is a thinking player’s game. Slots are fun to play yet their outcome depends entirely on luck. With video poker, it’s a different story.

If you apply a strategy in video poker, you’ll improve your odds of winning. More importantly, as your knowledge of video poker increases.

So, will your long-term payback percentage. Hence the old saying the better you become at something, the luckier you get.

Online slot machines have RTPs from 94% up to 98%. Therefore, their house edges vary from 2% to 6%.

While the house edges of progressive slots jackpots are even less. As you can see, you’re not always getting the best shake when you play slots.


What About the Best Video Poker Game?

If you play video poker with a near-perfect strategy. Guess what? You can reduce the game’s edge to the house to almost zero!

The return percentage of certain video poker games can return more than 100 percent with perfect play.

Interestingly, a 100 percent payback percentage doesn’t mean you’ll win all the time. It also means that there is no edge to the house.

Over time you’ll win just as much as you’ll lose. The better you become at video poker the more you’ll win. It’s also difficult to master a perfect video poker strategy.

But, if you do, you can make a comfortable living off the game. Basically, you’ll win more than you’ll lose.

There are many ways to learn video poker. By studying video poker guides and visiting sites like Onlinecasinos2.com.


Video Poker Strategy

In a nutshell, it’s knowing which cards to discard. Remember video poker uses poker hand ranking to rank each hand. The gist of video poker is to pick the best cards or hands.

If you just started playing video poker at the best USA casinos online. We suggest you start with Jacks or Better, or Straight Bonus Poker. The latter video poker variant is the easiest to learn.

The overall return percentage of Jacks or Better is 99.54%. While Bonus Poker has a return of 99.17%. Therefore, there’s little to no house edge in both games.

To earn those higher paybacks, there is another provision. And that is to look for the best paytables of each game.


Jacks or Better or Bonus Poker?

Developers manipulate the payback percentages of Jacks or Better and Bonus Poker. Bummer, we know.

If you’re wondering how they do that? They remove single-coin payouts on the Flush and the Full House. To be honest, we haven’t noticed this at online casinos.

The best paytables for Jacks or Better returns are 9 for the Full House and 6 for a Flush. As such, the video poker calls this a “9/6 jacks or Better” game.

The top game for Bonus Poker has an 8/5 pay schedule. Moreover, there is a difference between the two versions. It’s also one of the main reasons why we prefer Bonus Poker variation.

Four of a kind in Jacks or Better returns a straight 25 for 1, or 125 credits. That’s to say when you play for the max bet. Bonus Poker on the other hand increases the quad payout for certain four of a kind.

For example, four Aces returns 80 for 1 or 400 credits at the max bet. Four 2’s, 3’s, or 4’s return 200 credits or 40 for 1. The cherry on top of the cake is to land bonus four-of-a-kind hands.

They more than compensate the 0.37 percent difference in payback percentage between the two video poker variants.


What’s the Top Hand in Video Poker?

The top hand in video poker is the Royal Flush. If you’re fortunate enough to land a Royal Flush betting with less than 5 credits, it pays 250 to 1.

What’s the difference in price if you bet the max bet and you hit a Royal Flush? Well, the difference in the payout is huge. If you bet that fifth credit, you’ll win 800 to 1 or 4,000 credits.

The difference is quite remarkable, don’t you agree? This is why it’s so important to always bet the maximum of 5 credits when you play video poker.

Yes, the animated features, bonus rounds, dragons spewing fire, and the bonus rounds in slots are fun. It’s difficult to overlook video poker if you apply a solid betting strategy.

If you gain extensive experience and apply it well. You’ll become a whizz at playing video poker. In other words, you’ll win more money than lose.

Nowadays, the top video poker suppliers juice up their games with multipliers and credit bonuses.

A popular version is IGT’s Ultimate X Poker, we haven’t seen this version of video poker at online casinos yet. We think it’s just a matter of time.

How Do I Become Good at Video Poker?

It’s best to start with the basics first. Purchase books, video poker software and study the games with easy strategy.

For what it’s worth, Deuces Wild is another video poker strategy that’s great for newbies.

Even though playing slots is fun, video poker is more consistent. It does require adding a bit more glue to your seat.

In conclusion, video poker favors the player and expands your horizon. Good luck and please gamble in a responsible manner.

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