Esports Betting – Best Sites to Bet On Esports USA

Esports betting is sports betting on esports. They are video games players play online when they compete against other teams. The buzz surrounding esports has been growing for years.

Nowadays, esports is a multi-billion dollar industry. Experts in the field reckon the esports betting market will be worth $3.6 billion by 2025. Esports is extremely popular among the new generation since it’s highly interactive. Moreover, the young bunch love the social element Esports offer.

What exactly does esports entail? It entails huge tournaments, leagues, and matches you can watch online. The best part about betting on esports is that our safe USA online sportsbooks cover them. All you need to do is to find a site, sign up and bet.

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Betting On Esports Overview

What can you bet on in esports betting? Just like betting on normal sports, there are different markets for esports betting. Some of the markets offer you the full monty whilsts some are rudimentary. For the most part; players can bet on which team will win the event or match. Other esports betting markets rely heavility on a specific esport.

The more sticky an esports game is the more bets it will garner. The esports gaming boom occured thanks to the advancement in new technology. Players can now place bets from their smartphones and tablet devices whilst they’re on the go.

In action games like Overwatch, esports players can wager on how many kills there will be. Which team will win which map and so on. In sport betting like soccer, players can bet on how many goals a team will score. Moreover, who will win the first half, how many corners there will be and so forth. Naturally, we can go on and on. The point is, betting on esports and normal sports bear the same similarities.

Why Research Is Important

Each esports has its own market, we advise you to do your research beforehand. It’s not too hard to get into esports betting if you know your way around the sports betting scene. It won’t take you more than a a few hours to understand how the video game scene works. Getting enough knowledge for betting for profit is a different proposition altogether.

Our top USA sportsbooks online offer both pre-match betting and live betting on esports. That means you can bet in advance and once the match starts. You can also take advantage of sportsbook promotions and bonuses.

Sign up today to catch those free bets, deposit bonuses and other goodies. Don’t forget to use the right promo code. The number esports game at the moment is Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Presently this esports boasts more than 115 million players! Short on its heels are Dota 2 and League of Legends.


The Top Esports Gamers In the World

Well, who said you can’t become a millionaire by playing esports for a living. Players like PewDiePie, VanossGaming and Markiplier have millions of followers. And, more interestingly let’s not forget the top teams like TSM currently valued at more than $410 million.

Who is the richest esports gamer in the world? A chap by the name of Topias ‘Topson’ Taavitsainen boasts a net worth of $5.4 million. Bet you didn’t know that Dota 2 has the biggest prize pool of all the esports. The reason for this is because they sell items players call “battle pass” during tournaments.

The biggest prize pool ever raised during an esports sporting event was $40,018,195. Players raised it by in-game purchases in Valve’s MOBA Dota2. Where does all the money come from in esports? The money in esports comes from advertising, sponsorships, ticket sales and media rights.


Can You Win in Esports Betting?

You can win in esports in the same way as in sports betting, though it’s a bit easier. Esports betting has a short history, so sportsbooks online have only a little experience in it. This cuts both ways.

To be honest it’s not easy for the sports betting sites to set the odds in the right way. The field and games change all the time. Further, you have to work harder as a bettor. It’s not easy to find data and important stats, since there aren’t as many esports portals. As the esports betting market continues to evolve more more sites will pop up.


Odds and Psychology Esports Betting

It also takes a bit of a jump from sports to esports psychologically. What do you need to do to win in esports betting? Learn the video games scene and don’t be afraid to experiment a little. Some sports betting fans never try a new sport. You might dip out on a golden opportunity if you don’t try something new. After all, a change now and again can do you a world of good.

The same hard and fast rule that applies to betting on normal sports applies to esports betting. Never wager money on an esport if you’re not familiar with the game. Know the players and how good they are. Above all, never gamble with money you cannot afford to lose.

Esports Rules

Video games change all the time as such you have to come up with a new betting strategy. Very few players play the original Starcraft since there’s a highly competitive scene for Starcraft 2. New versions of sports games like NHL and FIFA come out yearly. More importantly, there are often updates and patches that benefit players. If you can recognize them quickly, you’ll start to earn big bucks in no time!

It’s worth noting that some esports betting takes place in semi-professional leagues. The players aren’t pros but they play mainly for fun. In return, it can lead to some wild performance streaks. There are esports  tournaments every day that last for hours on end. This can be tiring for some players but they also offer you another angle to exploit.


Esports Betting Tips and Tricks

Are there any tips and tricks for esports betting? Yes, there are. Before you sign up at an esports betting site do your due diligence first. Esports betting sites stream all the esports live. This means you don’t have to look for sportsbook live streams or dig through the internet for unofficial video streams.

If you want to see a match, you can visit the tournament website. It contains all the relevant info about the esports you’d like to places your bets on. Unlike slots for real money, the esports betting market doesn’t bombard players with too much variety.

Believe it or not we reckon it’s a good thing. Because too much variety causes esports bettors to drift from game to game. Right now, the variety is perfect. Live bettors can place their bets on Fortnite, or Counterstrike.


Why Esports Is So Exiting To Bet On

You can see the match live and replay it at your leisure. It’s better than trying to see some of the American sports online. You have to pay for official streaming services while esports streams are free. Interestingly, there’s quality commentary as well. Suffice to say, the commentary can be quite colorful and hilarious at times.

One of the major advantages of the current esports betting scene is that the market is more competitive than ever! In many esports, there are line-up changes between tournaments and that’s even bigger than football. There are eleven players in a football team but only a handful of players are in an esports team. Once they start to play as a team back them at juicier odds.

Also, see how match-ups work in esports. Different teams and players use different strategies. Some adapt better and beat players with simpler strategies. It’s worthwhile to check out the archives for H2H records. Some H2H game records don’t look the same because the teams had different players.


Final Word

Esports betting is the ideal way for young sports betting fans to earn plenty of money. It’s a great way of enjoying video games and being socially interactive at the same time. Most of us play video games in our spare time anyway.

If you’re looking for a fresh sports betting field that’s relatively unexplored, go for esports betting. There are many variety of video games such as sport, strategy and action games. Pick the theme you like, study the players and the odds.

Finally, it will be fascinating to see how esports gains momentum now that livestreaming is on the up. It provides a glimpse into a brand new virtual world where players and sponsors reign supreme.